Vegan Mexican Stuffed Peppers Recipe…


Tonight’s dinner was incredibly delicious!!

I loved making Italian stuffed peppers and tonight decided I wanted to try to make and easy Mexican plant based meal!! 🙂 And was i surprised at how yummy it all came out!! 🙂


I started off with 5 beautiful red, orange and yellow peppers!! These peppers are more sweet and less bitter than the green ones. My Sweet Husband is not a fan of the green so tri-colored it is!! 🙂 I love preparing meals my family enjoys!!


I washed, cut in half and cleaned all my peppers. And then quartered around a pint of grape tomatoes.


I heated a teaspoon of Avocado oil in a nonstick ceramic pan.


After the pan was hot, oil was added until hot. Then i added 1 large chopped purple onion and 3 good tablespoons of minced garlic. Once tender and full of flavor I took all up into a bowl to set to the side till needed.



Then another teaspoon of avocado oil heated in my pan till I added our yummy meatless ground beef. I browned the vegan meat and then added the taco seasonings with some water to cook down. When all was cooked I then began to assemble.


First I papered my tin pan with parchment paper. (With Alzheimer’s in our family, we avoid aluminum as much as possible. And these are pans I bought a while back.)

Next I layered in all my half peppers then sprinkled in the tomatoes.


Next I topped all the tomatoes with the cooked onions and garlic. By this time it is smelling really good!!


Then some of the yummy meatless taco meat stuffed in each pepper. OK, really getting hungry now!!


Then I lightly topped all with some of these yummy plant based cheeses.


All was then placed in an over on bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes.


Now for a quick clean up and chopping some more yummy veggies for toppings (more tomatoes and green onions).

Now as seen in my scraps bowl above…on a farm all the plant scraps go to the poultry. They LOVE fresh fruits and veggies!! 🙂 Nothing goes to waste!!



Dinner’s ready!!

We thank the Lord for such a lovely healthy easy meal!!

It was a unanimous thumbs up by all who graced our table tonight!! Truly a blessing for all!!

Have a wonderful week in the Lord,



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