Snacks To Go…


Hello Dear Friends,

These days if you follow me on Instagram you will see some of my favorite snacks. My Sweet Husband came to me lately and wanted to go meatless. You could have knocked me over!! I was thrilled!! He says it’s only for a short while but I am seizing the day and trying to help in all I can!! Now that bit of change, I am realizing we need to be sure to organize a bit and have a snack in the morning and one in the afternoon. So I thought I would share with you my all time favorites and my really good vitamins a friend recommended. These few things done each day not only help with healthy living but also help save a few dollars when out and about!! 🙂 I call that WIN, WIN!!

Here’s some of my at home snacks (if you look at the teal colored colander in the background…I now keep set up in my sink at all times. This helps quick and easy washing of fruit and veggies. More to come later on that subject. 🙂 ) I now try to make sure to set myself and my Sweet Husband up for a good day. I will load my Lifefactory containers with some kind of fruit (sweet) and some kind of protein (salty…usually nuts or seeds). My Sweet Husband has a bag filled with idividually packed bags of trail mix and granola…his favorites. 🙂

I also keep several glass water bottles loaded with filtered water in our fridge for a quick cool down/rehydration. I also try to keep organic lemons, limes and oranges to flavor my water when I need a little change. My family very rarely uses these…but I make sure they are well stocked all the time…just in case!! 😉 I am working really hard to drink 10-12 glasses of filtered water a day. I know that seems like allot, but in the heat of the South we need to be ready for a good ole’ warm Summer day…ok, hot Summer day!! 😉 My Sweet Husband is set up with large mason jars of filtered water in the outside fridge for days when he works out in the pastures. And I keep two one gallon water jugs with spigots on the kitchen counter at all times for our family and for cooking!! We go through at least 3 sometimes 6 gallons a day!! We are a family of 4 at home and one who comes home for the weekends. We all drink LOADS of water!! 🙂

Snacks and vits at home quick snacks at home

My Minnie (and Mickie not shown)Tupperware cups are loaded with my daily Reliv vits/supplements. Ready to go, I just have to add filtered water, ice and then shake!! Voila!! 🙂 Since my Sweet Dear Friend shared about these vitamins, I have had a terrible time remembering to take them. I now load my Minnie and my Mickie topped cups every two days so I do better at taking my vits!! These vitamins/supplements are amazing!! I was getting sick of swallowing so many pills (and have had a hard time since all my thyroid issues/surgery)…but I needed my vits!! So she sweetly encouraged with her great Reliv. I was shocked how much more energy I had and that I felt so much better!! So now I am hooked and loving these very much!! Ok, enough (see pic below. I don’t take all of these…just the ones I need. This is so great, you can just use the supplements you need. I put it all in one drink…and then done!! Ready for my day!) If anyone wants to ask any questions…feel free to contact me. I LOVE sharing about this great find in my life!! 🙂

Reliv Minnie 2

More of my to go goodies. I LOVE my Zojirushi (stainless steel thermos)!! It keeps water and ice cold for days…literally!! WOW, that is amazing here in the South!! 🙂 I also LOVE my Lifefactory glass containers filled with my good for me snacks!! Have you tried the super popular Halo oranges? I have always loved clementines…till I tried this brand. I have not eaten one bad one yet!!! Seriously I LOVE these even more than chocolate…yes I said chocolate!!! 😉 Super easy peasy to peal and separate for a busy day out on the town. And finally my last little container filled with various nuts and seeds. Today I am enjoying sunflower seeds, lightly sea salted cashews and coconut cashews. This is my absolute favorite right now!!  I keep on hand sunflower seeds, pepitas (raw pumpkin seeds), raw sprouted almonds, flavored with fruit juice and stevia almonds (for when I want something naughty and trying to be good!!), raw unsalted peanuts, raw pistachios both in and out of the shells, raw walnuts and raw pecans from our small orchard. (I add these to dishes when cooking as well and to all my smoothies. More later. 🙂 )

Snacks on the go closed containersSnacks on the go 3

So with a little bit of planning, I throw all into the container needed and then in my insulated lunch bag with a couple of ice packs…voila!! Good to go and keeps me out of too much trouble when out and about!! 😉

I pray you are encouraged to plan something special for you and your family’s good health today!!

Have a wonderful day in the Lord,



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