Tuesday’s Recipes….Copycat Nutella

Hello Dear Friends,

Starting a new “Tuesday’s Recipes” series. I hope you will be encouraged!!

This looks super yummy!!!

My Sweet Husband and I just returned from a business conference. And at the hotel the last day before we left for the airport, we discovered a lovely crepe restaurant. I had never had crepes and they were amazing!! He had a buckwheat with egg, ham and cheese stuffing and I had a berry topped crepe. We went halfsies, so we both enjoyed each crepe. We never dreamed we could finish them and we didn’t leave a bite!! They were amazing!!! 🙂

 Our girls LOVE Nutella!! And I really want to try this on crepes with berries!! 🙂 I will also play around a little with the sugar. Trying to do less these days or use stevia as a healthy substitute. 🙂

This recipe looks WONDERFUL!!! In the crepe restaurant they would fold up the crepes around the Nutella with berries, bananas and a dollop of cream on top. Ok…now I’m getting hungry!! 😉

Have a wonderful week in the Lord,


Copycat Nutella

Copycat Nutellarecipe

This delicious, dairy-free spread hits the spot for any chocolate lover. Serve with fresh fruit, use as a crepe filling, spread onto your favorite bread, or enjoy it by the spoonful.


2   cups

toasted hazelnuts
12   cup

coconut oil, melted
12   cup

cocoa powder
1   tsp

vanilla extract
1   cup

powdered sugar
Recipe Credit: Blendtec.com

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