Baby It’s Cold Outside….

Hello Dear Friends,

Are you inside trying to warm up? OK…yes, I live in a lovely old farmhouse and some days you really experience the outdoors inside! I have learned to appreciate our home. It is older and not always convenient in space or arrangement. In the 1930’s when it was built people didn’t have as many things as we do today. I have tried every thing inventive I can think of just to store food as the pantry isn’t that big and clothing and even the arrangement of furniture in the living areas can be unique. Again…no 60 inch flatscreen tvs back then. 😉 And even the fridge doesn’t have a “real” spot in the kitchen.

I love the plates that indicate throughout the house where all the wood stoves used to heat the home during the winter!! I LOVE the crazy pink and avocado green beautiful vintage tile in our main bathroom (fyi…the only original bath to the home.) I LOVE the sweet gingerbread on the cabinetry and that when you open the bottom cabinets you can see the hardwood floors on the bottom. The beautiful glass doorknobs rank right near the top of my list as well as the original glass doors not only on the front of the home but also between the parlor and dining room (now my office/studio) and I love the wonderful front porch painted dark red cement with amazing red brick with white topped half wall I line all my plants on year round. Seriously…this house is truly amazing!!

But there were days we lived in two brand new built homes. There is allot of stress in building a home. I know this takes a toll on my Sweet Husband. And after the last one…well, until we build our retirement home…no more. 🙂 Our previous home was a two story built for today. It was a 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bath with two large living areas, 2 dining areas and the master had a large retreat with two massive walk in closets. One closet of which we were even considering turning into a nursery as suggested by the builder. And a huge kitchen with tremendous storage. I will always remember that home fondly and appreciate it for the time in which we lived in it. It was a blessing in a gated community in the middle of a very large city. We were blessed.

Now we live in the country. We are situated between a very large farm and on the other side pasture land with cattle sprinkled about it. We only own a modest little homestead between such large land owners…by the way who are both brothers 🙂 , but our home is finally home now. We have been here over a decade and learned the land. Our land was previous cotton fields. When we walk through even the area of our back yard, you can feel the old field furrowed rows with each step. We are blessed to have a small orchard of pecan trees. And my Sweet Husband has so enjoyed planting all kinds of fruit trees and fruit bearing bushes. We love all the yummy blessings year round. Right now we have boxes and boxes of pecans that will go to sell soon. And we will be busy cracking pecans to put up for this year’s eatings for our family. And then comes Spring to Summer yummy fruit, veggies and herbs. I plant my large front patio full of yummy good things for us to enjoy year round. I make pesto and put it up in the freezer for year round use. (We had it for dinner tonight with roasted tomatoes, rotisserie chicken over pasta…yum!!) I also have large pots of herbs that season our food and make wonderful meals for our family year round. This year I am drying many as I use to years ago. 🙂 I LOVE the smell of herbs hanging to dry. 🙂

And finally the history we feel as we walk through this home. The gentleman who built this home built the predecessor home in town. It recently came up for sale and our family drove by to take a peak in the window. At one time a woman I knew through the chamber of commerce lived there. I had only seen it from the outside. Now as it stands waiting for someone to come and lovingly restore it…it is showing wear and tear.

That lovely quiet Sunday after church drive showed me how much the Lord has blessed us in our home. We could see the alterations through the years that previous owners had made. We also could see how the builder made adjustments and corrected issues after the first build. Our home has much better usage of space…especially for the 1930’s. I also was reminded how small a city backyard is compared to our endless backyard. And though I miss having neighbors and knowing people drop by all the time…which funny once you move to the country…you now do the drop by-s.

I do love the peace and quiet of our home. Our biggest noise is when the far away train travels by and when someone drives down our road and stops at the gate to usually drop a package. Or when the roosters begin crowing…or the chickens clucking when free roaming or the geese honking as they circle the house in their search for bugs to nibble. And then finally the ducks who waddle by looking for their bugs as well. My favorite time of the day besides sunset is early in the morning when my Sweet Husband lets all the poultry out of their coop/yard to free range. They love to come single file around the house looking for bugs. They LOVE the area outside my kitchen window. And I love seeing the parade. They waddle, prance and stroll by as if to say…we are now here and taking care of your little area for your days viewing. It is such a sweet sight. I especially love the way the Mama hens who walk with their little ones who follow closely. The order in the yard is a very well established world and always amazing to watch each day. All these little sweeties are now our “neighbors” that drop by each day. 🙂

So though I am not a fan of being cold. And yes our house is a bit drafty on these cold winter days. And with rising expenses these days, we are careful with the heat and air conditioning as I am sure many of you are as well. I am so cozy and happy this cold wet day here on our property. Our son built a nice warm fire in the basement wood stove and our house is truly cozy, comfy and warm.

I pray as each of you look at what the Lord has provided you will see His blessing in your life. It is always so easy for me to look back and say…it was so amazing then, or it will be perfect “when”.  We all need to bloom where He has planted us. To take care of all He has provided and praise Him for what the Lord is doing and will do tomorrow. It is all in His hands.

Have a wonderful weekend in the Lord and keep serving Him well Dear Friend,


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