Happy and Blessed New Year

Happy New Year 2015

Hello Dearest Friends,

I pray each of you have had a wonderful first day of this 2015!! What a blessing to look back and see all the Lord has done in our lives!! There have been extreme struggles. And when I look back at my Gratitude Journal, I see all the amazing blessing from the Lord!! Do you keep a Gratitude Journal? Or even a Prayer Request Journal? Both have greatly blessed me in my walk with the Lord. I am able to see how the Lord has worked in my life as well as my family and friends. God is truly amazing and continues to walk with us in this journey on this earth…if we just trust in Him. When I was a young girl there was a wonderful message in a devotional of mine…when God seems far away think who has moved. I literally tore that out of my devotional, glued in on a card a sweet Sunday school teacher sent to encourage me and they both have been on my fridge for the last 30 plus years. Though a little aged, stained and worn…the message is still clear. It is a choice to know and serve Christ. And in my meager service, I can only thank the Lord and praise Him for anything good in my life!! To God be all the glory!!

I am so thankful for each reader who visits this blog. And I am thankful for each sweet encouragement I receive. Thank each of you. And I am praying a special blessing for each reader this New Year.

Keep serving Him well Dearest Friends…to God be all the glory,


Col. 3:23

Picture credit: allfreedownload.com


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