Hello Dear Friends….

Spring purple and white blooming trees
Long time no post….

I am so glad to be back. With all the needs and requirements of my time this last year…I have genuinely missed you all!! Thank you to each of you who have continued to visit and send encouraging messages. I have been so humbled and so blessed by each one of you!! You all have been and continue to be in my prayers.

I found out last Thursday evening my schedule would look to be back to a much more manageable schedule. An issue that required allot of time and focus came to an end…and I wasn’t prepared for that result so soon. But as in many things in life…when these fast changes come, we seek to understand from the Lord “why”. As the weekend progressed I began to see His will in these changes. The first thing I thought of was my new Bible study and being able to put the time in that I so desire. Time with my family and not being so busy or tired. Then I thought about my small business and how I had “shelf-ed” it this last 8-12 months. And then more utter joy filled my thoughts when I realized I could come back…read all my Dear Friends beautiful blogs and that I get to go back to sharing again as the Lord leads.

Literally last night at our Bible study there was a gentleman who came and shared with me about a gentleman affiliated with our Bible study and how his internet ministry of the last 30 years had reached almost 40,000 in the studying of God’s Word. I literally felt my heart stop and tears well up. I knew the calling the Lord had given my heart so many years ago was to be the focus again. Can you imagine all the wonderful people this gentleman reached for Christ?! How wonderful to look back in his 80’s and know he served our Lord…even 30 years ago when there wasn’t much work on the internet,  somehow he has been sharing Christ!! I am so encouraged!! That means in his 50’s he was just getting started.

I know I am sure I am not called to that type of ministry. But the amazing things the Lord teaches me in my studying the Word…the wonderful gifts He has given me in the day to day…and the exciting opportunities to share Christ is just….well humbling. I wonder sometimes how our Lord can take a lumpy piece of clay like me and have little ole’ me share the joy of my salvation. He desires for all of us to grow and share in our walk with Him.

I am always humbled when I go into medical offices, stores or even into Starbucks and these young people come to help. They stand and talk with a “29 year old and holding” lady like me. 🙂 Today not only one came to talk at Starbucks but another came rushing over. And in another store after I had shared…he hinted of things of Christ. At one point  began to take the “safe” route and mention “karma”. I loved encouraging him that I believed on the one True Way…Jesus Christ. He then talked a blue streak!! PTL…he shared he had been visiting churches and had settled on one. He shared this last Sunday’s message. As I listened…I was excited to see another young person who all could see had struggled…but he was discovering the Truth!! Still not quite steady in his walk…but the Lord allowed me the opportunity to encourage a new believer!! And all the while his boss stayed right by us and listened to the full conversation. (Please pray for these people in today’s encounters.) What joy fills my heart to see those that have been caught in the world’s snares seek something different. Then at Starbucks one of the young people came over and said…hey, your the lady who was from Jersey. Well I smiled and said no…but I did live in New England for a season (as we had discussed on my last trip into the store). He smiled and began to chatter away. Then another came over…and the Lord was honored by encouraging these 3 young people to Him and Him alone. And there were several this morning at my doctors visit that came to chat. I pray they see Him and not me. There were too many good converstations with so many at the doctor’s office. I am so humbled with all that go to and from this office that they make a point to literally get each other to come in and chat as I waited for the doctor and as I went through treatment. I am humbled and pray I reflect Christ in all these many opportunities.

For those who may be new to this blog…we live in the country. So there are many many days I am blessed to see only family and critters. And after almost dying twice 6 years ago….I realize every conversation now is an opportunity to share the most important person in my life. My Savior. The one who saved me from death 6 years ago…twice, and the one who saved me from my sin. John 3:16 I do not have to push…be forceful…or even long winded, I just wait quietly and if the situation presents itself…I am humbled and honored to share the joy of the Lord…He is my strength!! And as I seem to go to the same places…over and over again, I am in awe that no one “ducks away” when I am coming. I honestly in the early days expected this. Instead I get the opportunity to listen…encourage and if appropriate share. And if all these lovely individuals look to be seeking answers or strength with issues in their lives…I always offer to pray. What a blessing now as many have come and asked me over time to pray for them. And in those moments, I even many times am allowed to share with them how they can pray and have a personal relationship with Jesus. What a mighty God we serve.

If you saw me, I am not “beautiful” by the world’s definition. I am not “hip”. I have not been to seminary. I am not wealthy or have allot I can offer others. But more important than all those things…I am able to share the light of Christ. We all can that know and serve Jesus. We know from scripture that Jesus said”I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6  How can we not share the truth and encourage those we are blessed to meet. 🙂

I will never be the gentleman with 40,000 followers…and I will never be the Billy Graham or even Ruth Bell Graham…but I can serve with all He has blessed me with. And even in the difficulties, I can share my one true hope!! 🙂 Our God is an amazing God and if the Lord allows, I will seek to do my best for Him and Him alone….even in this little blog all the rest of the days of my life.

I am so thankful to have had this opportunity to help and serve this last year. And the Lord is and will always be in control. Though things don’t always go the way we wish they would…I do know that He is in control….period. He never leaves or forsakes us (Hebrews 13:5b) and there is peace in these difficult situations in our lives.

So…please give me a little time to slowly get back up and running. I will begin with the weekly verses per week and one or two other postings per week. After that…I believe I need to sit in prayer and seek the Lord’s will again for the posting schedule. And I am also excited to read and see what everyone is doing on their blogs!! I honestly can’t go back and read all missed…but I am committing to catch up to current postings in the next few weeks. What a wonderful and exciting time ahead!! 🙂 God is soooooo good!!

Have a wonderful week in the Lord Dear Friends!! 🙂 Keep serving Him well…He loves you so,

Proverbs 3:5-5

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