101 Home Organizing Tips and Tricks

LOVE this for home ideas!! Have a wonderful weekend in the Lord…k

The Vivant

101-Home_Article-V11. Consider going digital. “Scanning old receipts, documents and important papers creates uncluttered space,” says professional organizer Justin Klosky. If you do go this route, make sure to invest in a backup drive for your computer.

2. Get rid of your old makeup—foundation lasts for one to two years, concealer for only one year, and lipstick for two years. Chances are high that you are hanging on to items that are way past their expiration date.

3. Use an over-the-door storage system in the bathroom for your hairdryer and other bulky tools to free up cabinet and counter space.

4. “If you haven’t worn it in two years, get rid of it!” — Wendy Clurman, former Vogue Fashion Director

5. Speed up your morning makeup routine by setting aside the products you use daily somewhere specific. Makeup artist Jenn Streicher places her BB Cream, concealer, and blush on a sleek white octagonal…

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