Dinner Is In The Deep Freezer

Hello Dear Friends,

I have been crazy busy. My Sweet Husband has been on a business trip and is literally in route home!! YEA!!! 😉 (written yesterday)

Not only am I full time taxi driver to two other cities…I also have an insane project list. I miss my husband when he travels so I always plan some huge projects. This time I spent most of the time driving! YUCK!! PTL I am retiring my cab driver hat soon!! 😉 I love being with my children…but one has class 1 hour one way. Then I have to stay as it is only one class on those two days a week. So good time to run errands and plan.

Now…when sitting and planning, I decided let’s get ahead. So yesterday my youngest sweetie and I made 27 meals for the freezer and our dinner in less than 3 hours!! We were pretty tired…but it felt so good to be that organized again!! Many years ago we lived in a different house and I always did a month of meals. I had a huge kitchen with tons of flat surfaces. Now being in an old farm house…I have to get really organized and creative. So we popped up a folding table and we literally had areas of large cans, storage containers, etc….stacked taller than I am!! 🙂 We had a great time and when I sat down late last night and looked at the list…I could only thank the Lord for the energy and plans to prepare ahead for our family.

With extended family members struggling with health issues, this gives us the opportunity to share and or have easy meals to draw on in emergency situations. I also made sure to label every container with contents, date and cooking instructions!! We really had an assembly line in full gear!!

I went back to Sam’s to pick up a little bit more as I will finish up the next 30 meals this Friday and Saturday and then voila!! We will be finished!! 🙂 In years past I would work 9 hours…hate it and then not want to do a food freezer prep day. Now I work 3 hours max and then move onto something else!! I am so much more ready to go back tomorrow…possibly Saturday and finish! 😉

Then our attentions and cooking will turn to Resurrection Sunday!! We will make gf cookies and a sweet Spring Bunny (pink velvet) cake for this Sunday. As well as one of my breakfast casseroles…already made in the freezer!! 🙂 And a yummy veggie and roast for dinner. We then have our usual Christian Resurrection Day movies which follows as a wonderful sunrise service to celebrate…Jesus’ rising from the dead!! He is alive!! Luke 24:23!! We will also have yummy fruit and stuffed farm fresh eggs!! 🙂 And most importantly the Lord blesses us with nice family time together!! 🙂 PTL for all His blessings!!

Once all is finished…if you all would like, I will list my meal lists. I have loved reading websites, blogs and YouTube for inspirations and recipes!! I pray you are encouraged with a little planning…healthy super cost effective dinners are well worth the little bit of work. We will have 4 months of planned meals!! 😉 PTL!!!

Have a wonderful day in the Lord,


Picture Credit: Pictures.com




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