Cards Made Today For Giving…

Today’s fun!!

Josephine's Designs

Hello Dear Friends,

Here are a couple of cards I made today to give tomorrow!!

The first one is for a friend who recently broke her leg on a Segway!! She is truly amazing!! She had taken her grandchild into the city for a tour!! Bless her heart, she is an amazing woman, grandmother and friend!! She is very wise and if I know her…she will research to find out what she did wrong and when all healed…she will get back up on that horse and be touring again!!

The next card is for a very close family we have loved for years. One of their sons is going into the military and we are meeting them for his fair-well lunch after church tomorrow. We are excited to see him and sad to see him go. He is truly leaving the nest. So it was fun to make this card…

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