We’re Back And Getting All In Order…


Hello Dear Friends,

Spring is here!! Praise the Lord!!

We are now home after almost a month of being gone. What a blessing it is to come home!! We loved the opportunity to serve, love and care for extended family. And we are so thankful we could be there and help. It is a blessing and many lessons were learned. But as Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz…’there is no place like home’. 🙂

Yesterday was beautiful and so  I was able to replant my little garden. I plant a patio garden each year for our basil (for my homemade pesto I put up for year round meals), tomatoes and peppers.  I also have all types of greens year round with occasional new items and of course all my endless herbs. This year I will also put in a meyer lemon (dwarf) tree and hopefully a (dwarf) tangerine tree as well. We are determined to grow these in large pots as the pasture citrus was hurting after such hard winter this year. My Sweet Husband usually plants the massive garden in the back of the property but this year he will not due to work demands. We have also seen over time…my little one seems the most useful and productive. Yes, keeping it simple is sometimes the best blessing!! 🙂

Unfortunately, I had planted it over a month ago and we lost all in the late freezes. And by not being here…there was nothing that we could do. I am thankful to now have all planted and cleaned up ready for all the yummy summer goodies that will come soon!! I also for the first time in years planted many new houseplants. Almost 5 years ago I had a surgery that was very difficult. It took many years to recover. I had let most of my house plants that had been lost go and not replanted. It is so lovely to see the green in our home again. I had forgotten how much I love seeing living things growing in our home. And with a little careful shopping, I was able to replace all in and outside for less than I spent over a month ago in the first go round!! And the first go round patio garden was very, very frugal as well. I am so thankful to the Lord for His grace and mercy…even in my little garden and household plants. God is so good!! And He wants us to put forth effort to feed our families healthy food and keep our homes to His glory!! What a wonderful way to spend the day…preparing for our family’s Summer meals, food I will put up for Winter and brightening our home. The Lord created a beautiful world and we are truly the caretakers of His creation.

Of course the house itself needed a good scrubbing and clean up. After a month of running over and dumping our things and grabbing others…the house was well…a mess!! We had our oldest two children staying off and on at the property and they did their best. But they both had classes to attend to and their own busy schedules. So it is good to be here and get all back in it’s proper place. 🙂 And we had a small flood in our basement. We are so thankful to the Lord that my husband happened to run by with our son and they were able to stop it and do the first round of clean up. And that required immediate attention when arrived home. PTL it could have been so much worse!! There are still other things to be done…that may just take another month it feels like!! 🙂 OK…all in due time.

Our little bird has had something to say since we were gone and now home. Mr. Squeakems has let us know…he did not like the quicky drop by visits and not his usual days with me. 🙂 He has been one cranky fella. And conures are not quiet to begin with. But over time he will settle back into us being home and as I get more caught up I will be able to spend more and more time with him. He’s such a funny little guy and deserves his time too! 🙂

We not only have our home and property to catch up on…but rest itself. The Lord is good to have protected us from illness as we were truly burning our candles at both ends. I am still very tired and my body has yet to let me have a full night’s sleep. In time and in the Lord’s will, I will be able to get use to a regular night’s sleep again. It is just a blessing to know it is possible to sleep longer now. 🙂 God is so good to meet our needs!!

Next I will continue to get caught up on my Bible study and prepare to share a devotional as well in our leadership group tomorrow. What a blessing to serve and what a blessing to have such sweet people to encourage and offer to help during our month away. God is good and in those times…we were able to see those that truly loved and encouraged us in such a difficult time. God is good and meets us just where we are in those moments of life we can’t quite understand. I am so thankful to be back in God’s church and be in the Word with so many lovely and wonderful people. God’s body of believers are truly a blessing. If you are not in a body of believers studying God’s Word together and encouraging each other along the way…please consider that wonderful provision of the Lord for your life. And also consider the opportunity to grow and encourage others in their walk as well.

And then finally, I pray I will get caught up soon with my office, my business and my blogs. Life gets so busy…I am thankful to all who have been so patient, encouraging and understanding this last month. There is much to do…but in time all should be up in running. We do not know when or if the next emergency will come…though we are blessed with this sabbatical while our family member is back up and on their own…their health is fragile and we are using this time to get things in order and prepare better for anything that may arise. God has a plan and it is always His.

So, today is a quick hello and I continue to pray for all who read this blog. I also pray that the Lord will guide us as we move forward. I will be returning to regular posting by Monday at the latest. So please rejoin me as the Lord leads in this journey.

One thing I can tell you…the Lord keeps His promises as seen in:

Deuteronomy 31:6

Amplified Bible (AMP)

6 Be strong, courageous, and firm; fear not nor be in terror before them, for it is the Lord your God Who goes with you; He will not fail you or forsake you.

So be of good cheer. Even in the difficulties in life…the genuine things we cannot understand…the Lord keeps us in His hands, loves us, protects us, prepares us, guides us and allows us to retreat and go into the garden to pray and renew our spirits. It is all His…if we just let Him have all. Good lessons learned.

Have a wonderful week in the Lord Dear Friends…and keep serving Him well,


Picture credit: Pictures.com

Scripture credit: Biblegateway.com

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