Frugal Fridays…Healthy Homemade Vaselines

Hello Dear Friends,

I LOVE Molly Green and the articles she shares. As I have terribly dry skin and am always on the lookout for some healthy and affordable for my skin…this article fit the bill!!

FYI…I would also add some of my essential oils in the batch once almost cooled…before it sets up. 🙂 Especially the essential oils: lavender and frankincense. 🙂

I pray you are encouraged by this healthy, affordable and easy peasy recipe for better skin!!

Have a wonderful weekend in the Lord,


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Hearth & Home
By Lisa Barthuly

Homemade Vaseline

This is the winter that just keeps hanging on, isn’t it?! It’s about this time of year that my skin decides it’s had enough. Running wood heat all winter indoors, biting cold outdoors–it’s a recipe for terribly dry skin.

 Make up a recipe for healing that dry skin! This recipe has got to be one of THE easiest around! With only two ingredients and the approximately two minutes it takes to make, you can’t go wrong, not to mention the results are amazing. I use this as I would any petroleum jelly-type product, however I LOVE it as hand and foot lotion too. It takes a minute to absorb into the skin and does a great job of relieving dryness! I will often put it on before bed and let it really soak in overnight. I love this stuff!

 Gather up one half-pint canning jar, regular mouth lid (I prefer the plastic lids for homemade goodies such as this) and whatever pan you will melt your ingredients in (stainless is best here, definitely no non-stick coatings). I use a little two-cup stainless measure “pan” which makes it really easy!


1/2 cup olive oil

1/8 cup beeswax

 Pour these into your pan, melt on low heat until completely melted together, and then remove from heat.

 Melted in pan

Pour into your half pint canning jar.

Semi-melted in jar

It hardens and cools from the bottom, upward.

Just let it stand until hardened up and cooled; then put your lid on and label. I like to include the recipe right on the label when it fits. That way, I (or my children) can make it again, simply–the recipe is already there!

Solid in jar

This is a perfect example of how absolutely simple, pure and cost-effective, making your own homemade health and beauty products can be.

ENJOY and pray for spring. 😉


Lisa Barthuly lives in the mountains of the American Redoubt with her family. Visit her at her “homestead on the Web” at, and for more homemade recipes check out her book A Simply Homemade Clean, available at


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