Frugal Fridays…

Hello Dear Friends,

I LOVE this lovely project. I use to make soap and sometimes miss that!! Especially at gift times.

I saw this project on Pinterest and wanted to share!! What a great way for a spa gift for our soon to be here Valentines!! 🙂

Easy peasy and super affordable!! FUN!!

Have a wonderful evening in the Lord, 



DIY Hair Mask and Body Scrub Recipes via Simply Happenstance Blog

:: DIY Hair Mask + Body Scrub ::

The harsh coldness of winter brings about DRY hair and skin! I for one, have grown weary of my flaky skin and brittle ends! How about you? Do you happen to have a jar of organic coconut oil in your home? There are so many uses for coconut oil… in fact, you can cruise on over to Wellness Mama to view 101 uses for the magical stuff! One of my favorite ways to apply coconut oil is to my hair and skin. Nightly, I actually smooth it all over my face. {It helps to moisturize and has natural anti-bacterial properties that help fight against acne and dreaded breakouts.}

Since coconut oil is so versatile and healing, I came up with two simple DIY beauty recipes you can make on a whim, to help nourish your lovely locks and moisturize your thirsty skin. {I used all Trader Joe’s ingredients for my mixtures.} Enjoy, and please let me know how else you use coconut oil!

The Hair Mask:

Avocado, Coconut Oil, and Honey Hair Mask {via Simply Happenstance}

Avocado Hair Mask Recipe {via Simply Happenstance}

Nourishing Avocado Hair Mask {via Simply Happenstance}

 The Body Scrub:

Raw Sugar and Coconut Oil Body Scrub Recipe {via Simply Happenstance Blog}

DIY Sugar Body Scrub {via Simply Happenstance}

Homemade Sugar and Coconut Oil Body Scrub {via Simply Happenstance}

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