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Coping with Life’s Circumstances

Posted: Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Who do you depend on to get through life? The Apostle Paul, a humble servant and “prisoner” of the Lord, considered himself to be “God-sufficient.” His confidence was securely rooted in the Lord and His sovereign providence over his life. As a man who walked with Jesus, Paul could cope with anything life threw at him.

Lasting encouragement is found in the secret to contentment—knowing Jesus! So why not…

  • Learn as Paul did to endure, complete, cope with, and manage all things through Christ who will give you strength. Christ is in you, and He extends His grace and strength to you.
  • Look to the Lord for His strength. You can trust God to bring you to and through the good plan He has for your life (Jeremiah 29:11).
  • Live out your confidence in God and rejoice in your contentment in every situation.
  • Love others by giving and sharing what you have.

No matter what you’re facing, embrace life in trust and contentment based on your faith in Jesus.

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