Week In Review…

Hello Dear Friends,

This last week seemed to be a blur. With Monday a holiday and the winter weather Friday causing our area to shut down…it seems this next week will be even busier catching up. 🙂 I am sure allot of our nation is in this predicament. What a crazy winter it has been. I continue to pray for those who have really had to truly weather this cold. Stay warm and please be safe Dear Friends!! 🙂

Some of the highlights and wonderful opportunities.

Praise the Lord for such lovely opportunities to learn, grow and serve. 


Green Smoothie Girl nutrition class:

I was privileged to attend an amazing free Medicine Makeover class. Our instructor, Sarah was wonderful in sharing great information about nutrition, health and alternatives in health related issues. She shared about using essential oils in bolstering our nutrition and possible alternatives to synthetic or over the counter medications. IMPORTANT: we all need to check with our doctors before ever changing any prescription medications. Also, I am not an expert. 🙂

Sarah taught us about Doterra Essential Oils and all their applications. Such a wonderfully healthy option and so cost effective!! I did learn things that would help my family and myself. I was so excited to give my oldest a large amount of eo’s to take back to college this weekend. I was able to give an entire kit for house cleaning, general over the counter replacements and eo’s for her smoothies!! She is thrilled!!  I also enjoyed glass after glass of wonderful purified water with drops of Doterra lemon (food grade) essential oil.

It was easy peasy and made each cold glass of water sooooo tasty!! It was so good I easily got in all my glasses of water without thinking!! 🙂

I was so excited to learn more about essential oils and healthy living!! What a wonderful way to spend the morning!!

(FYI: Important, if you use any essential oils in food or ingestion, be sure they have a food label on them and are graded food quality.)


My other wonderful fun this last week:

Card  Making!!

I spent all Saturday afternoon and early evening making lovely cards for my family and friends.

So much fun and so fun to give!!

Here a few of the ones I created:

Displaying 20140125_201319.jpg     Displaying 20140125_201246.jpg

Displaying 20140125_185549.jpg

Displaying 20140125_185654.jpg

Displaying 20140125_191953.jpg

Displaying 20140125_185224.jpg     Displaying 20140125_185357.jpg

Displaying 20140125_185447.jpg     Displaying 20140125_185500.jpg

Displaying 20140125_185120.jpg

Bookmarks and gift tags/decorations:

Displaying 20140125_195709.jpg

Displaying 20140125_194831.jpg     Displaying 20140125_195022.jpg     Displaying 20140125_195009.jpg     

Displaying 20140125_194857.jpg

I am sorry the pictures were a little wampy-jawed.

I had a wonderful time making these for my sweet family and sweet friends!!

I pray they will know how much I love and appreciate them with my simple gifts. 🙂

My crafting has been a blessing to serve others with for almost 40 years!!

Wow, time flies when you are having fun!!

I pray each of you have a wonderful week in the Lord,





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