Today’s Healthy Start…

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Hello Dear Friends,

Today our oldest was in town and made us the Pink Smoothie by Robyn Openshaw aka

It was so good my Sweet Husband went to the grocery store and picked up more supplies for a second round!! 🙂

Here’s a copy of the recipe from GSG. I do tweak ours to fit our likes, mood for the day and what’s in the fridge/freezer. 🙂



Hot Pink Smoothie 
1 1/2 – 2 C. coconut water (fresh or bottled)
2 t – 1 T. vanilla extract (we LOVE vanilla)
1 – 5 pitted dates (I place my liquids in the blender and then put in my dates to soften while I prepare the veggies and fruit.)
1 – 2  large organic carrot, halved
1/4 – 1 C. cashews (I LOVE these, they make all taste so yummy.)
1 C. Mediterranean yogurt (I add this for protein and smoothness. I stay clear of casein as much as possible but as good yogurt is a fermented dairy…I am good with this option.)
1/2 – 1 medium raw beet, peeled (I don’t peel mine unless the skin is in bad condition. I just wash/scrub well.)
I stop here and give all a good blend. I really like mine smooth. 🙂
Some type of healthy fat (see list below.)
12 frozen strawberries (I always add this last so that it can be the little chunky bits for those who like it a little chewy. 🙂 )
Place all ingredients in you high speed blender and run on high until it smooths to your desire. I like mine smooth and some in my family like it a bit chunky. 🙂  Additional blending time is fine if frozen strawberries aren’t completely smooth.

For extra health benefits I will add some of these power foods: 

1-2 T. chia seeds, 1 – 2 t. bee pollen, 1 T. flax seed oil, avocado, 1 – 2 T. coconut oil, ice, 1 frozen banana, 1 2 T. plant based protein powder, 1 stalk of celery


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