Week In Review Blessings…

Hello Dearest Friends,

I wanted to share some of this week’s lovely blessings from the Lord.

With my birthday this week and my wonderful class I attended…I allowed us some treats and tried new fun and healthy options.

Here are this week’s treasures:

Displaying 20140118_115148.jpg

Here’s one of my yummy smoothies. It is a funny color due to all the frozen organic blueberries and strawberries. I also added fresh mango and banana! What a sweet and yummy treat to all my healthy greens. (all wonderfully organic!! PTL!!) Oh…and here’s a great and easy tip! I usually add a healthy fat in each smoothie like cold pressed organic flax seed oil for all the good omegas(great for allergies too!), organic coconut oil or organic nut butters. These healthy fats help our bodies absorb all the good nutrients from the veggies and fruit. They are vital to our diet and in the case of coconut oil can help to lose weight!! Now…don’t go crazy…but add a tablespoon to your full blender of yummy blender full of health and be blessed!! 🙂

I put our smoothies in these fun new glasses we found at an after Christmas sale!! So go ahead and “dress” it up!! My youngest loves these glasses and the fun smoothie straws. Honestly…so do I!! 😉

And hey…Hello Kitty never looked to healthy!! 🙂

Displaying 20140116_131923.jpg

OK friends, here is one of my all time out on the town go tos!!! Ok…looks like sushi right? Well, I don’t eat raw meat of any kind. Really, my Southern brain cannot wrap itself around that. I LOVE the vegan sushi rolls. These are my all time favs.: brown rice, seaweed, cucumbers, avocado topped with marinated ginger strips. I also love when they add carrot sticks!! In this little tray they did not include the ginger. So I went to the sushi area and asked the chefs at my Whole Foods if I could have some. The gal was so sweet!!! She said oh yes and gave me this little condiment container filled…for FREE!!! I was singing happy birthday to me all they back home!! And we live an hour away!! 😉 Upon arriving at home I sat in my comfiest chair, put my feet up and savored every yummy bite!!! Oh and I topped with some of my raw black and light sesame seeds!! Yu-u-u-u-my! 🙂 So there is “fast food” available when out and about.

Oh…be careful. We discovered in our local chain grocery store that they marinated their ginger in aspartame and sucrolose. OK…I am sure I don’t need to say this but….say NO to fake sugar!!! No, no, no…no matter what you hear, it is bad, bad, bad for you!! Eat food the way God made it just for you and to keep you healthy.

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One last thing I found at Whole Foods was this ready to go Chia Pudding. I have read about this for years and as you know chia is such and excellent source of nutrients. And yes I said…chi, chi, chi, chia!! Literally the seeds on those fun infomercials years ago!! You can sprout them…and I will be doing this for live green nutrients. But you can make them in a pudding. I have to tell you it isn’t quite as firm as a pudding and when you open it up…it feels like hundreds of little seedy eyes looking back at me. But…it was soooooooo good!!!! I saved this and ate it for breakfast on Thursday morning. I have a great supply of chia seeds and will be picking up a little more at my class this week from the instructor for my children’s smoothies. But I will whole heartedly encourage my oldest as I will be adding this to my menu…she should too!! Again…super de dooper good and GOOD FOR YOU TOO!!! Wow!! Isn’t the Lord good to give us such good nutrients through simple little seeds!!

Well, I hope you are encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. I did…and there wasn’t a clinker in the bunch!! 🙂

Have a wonderful day in the Lord…He loves you so Dear Friends,


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