Wednesday’s Wonderful Recipe…

Hello Dear Friends,

Yesterday was my “29th” birthday!! 🙂

With having had the flu/now severe allergies lately and some more serious ongoing health issues, I decided to get a reboot!! I have LOVED the Green Smoothie Girl health teachings and encouragements for years. I was blessed to find her online, then order her full kit, purchase all the new books each year and visit year after year when she traveled to our area to share her information and tips.

With all that has happened in the last 4 1/2 years, things seemed to come to a really heightened concern lately. I decided I don’t want to get by or patch the symptoms anymore. Surgeries have gone bad, I was even dropped when they transferred me off the surgical table in a major surgery and came out with a broken shoulder, chronic shingles, severe gastro intestinal issues, thyroid surgery, endless lumps/tumors…the Lord prompted me to do the right thing and re-focus!! Of course praying is the first step. After praying through all issues, seeking the Lord’s will and His guidance and then FOCUS/do it!! OK…wasn’t it a athletic shoe commercial years ago that said…”Just Do It”!! So yesterday I stepped beyond my home library and my online endless research/re-education to go to a WONDERFUL FREE…yes I said FREE class to jump start my journey.

I began to again realize…the mainstream or SAD (standard American diet) and standard medical practices are making me very, very sick. Why do we, OK …I let that creep back in? So in the past I have juiced. This tool alone helped my children immensely!! I personally have done EVERY diet under the sun since I was 10 years old. I did loose 143 lbs 4 years ago and it was done all the wrong way. And I knew better!!!  With my thyroid issues this last year…and it is still being tweaked with the natural medications I put on a little weight. So though some think thyroid illness is the instant let’s fix it and I will finally lose weight….not always. So be smart before “wanting” a magic pill or surgery to fix it all!! It is a healthy living perspective of healthy food, active living and a great attitude of your heart!!

Now…I would LOVE to lose weight. More than that…I just want to not wake up in endless pain, no energy, chronic illnesses, lately severe allergies and literally taking meds I swore I would never take!! Now…do not go off your medications without your doctors help!!! I am in no way an expert. But there are some medications if I change my habits, I know with the doctor’s help…I can eliminate medications….Lord willing. 🙂

So Dear Friends, with much prayer the journey begins. I will not be perfect. But a diet with more raw fresh vegetables/fruit is a no brainer. With all my stomach issues…the first place to “re-start” is the basic smoothie. And that was the lovely class I took yesterday with my youngest child. It was an excellent class on “Healing With Green Smoothies”. I would encourage you to go take a peak at the website, Robyn’s YouTube videos and consider the 12 Steps to Health as can been seen on her website:

12 Steps to Whole Foods

 Another book by Robyn Openshaw that is a great first step is:

These are EXCELLENT resources!! If you can’t afford to spend allot just start with Robyn’s basic smoothie recipe!! It is an excellent way to get in all your veggies/fruit servings per day PLUS!!

Pray through what your nutrition/health journey should be and then…just like the ad,”Just Do It!!”

Let’s do it together and be all the Lord desires for us to be!!


Green Smoothie for Newbies (Eat Right)

2 1/2 cups filtered water
3 cups organic spinach, packed
1 organic apple
1 fresh or frozen banana
1 cup frozen berries (blueberries,
strawberries of mixed fruit)
*1 -2 drops doTERRA essential oil—choose
from ginger, slim and sassy, lemon, etc.
For Orange Julius—add wild orange and 1
scoop Vanilla Protein

Instructions for all Healing Green Smoothies:
1) Blend greens and water in high powered blender for 30-60 seconds.
2) Add remaining fruit ingredients and essential oils to the blender and blend for 30-60
seconds, or until smooth.


Another note, the essential oils completely changed my smoothie experience. I have used oils forever in soap making, homemade healthy cleaning products for my home and have used a food grade quality eo in recipes.  This brand is hands down MUCH better than all I tried previously. And I have made smoothies/juicing for 20 plus years. They COMPLETELY changed my smoothie experience! So if you can, give them a try!!

My next class this coming week will be all about the use of these essential oils. Please check back and I will share my experience!!

Have a wonderful day in the Lord,


PS…Sorry for the delay, I was waiting for permission to share this wonderful basic recipe. Sarah is so sweet to share!!! Thank you Sarah!! 🙂


Recipe Credit: Sarah Fluckiger a nutrition coach with GSG and Robyn Openshaw who is

(You can also find Sarah’s page on GSG and her contact info.) 

Picture Credits: and


2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wonderful Recipe…

    • k at Healthy Living 4 Him says:

      Oh thank you so much Dear Friend!! I have been down this road many times before. There are new things I will add as there is new and fun knowledge gained by those who graciously teach and share. 🙂 I have taught this myself. Almost 5 years ago life changed. My memory has faded and this opportunity to study and re-study is a blessing beyond words!! And in this restart, I realized I shared all my materials before I was critically sick and never received them back. So it is literally a start over!! 🙂 PTL, I pray that information is blessing others and with my now having to work to rebuild…I find I am being blessed in a whole new way!! God is so good!!
      Again..thank you Ellie!! You are always such a wonderful encouragement and so is your lovely blog!!
      Keep serving Him well Dear Friend…He is blessing you to encourage so many!!

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