Tuesday’s Tips…

Hello Friends,

Today is slow as it is cold and I seemed to be nursing a bit of another cold. The Lord is good and I am thankful for a nice hot cup of joe, tea (thanks to my sweet Sister and Brother in law for their sweet Christmas gift) and a warm blanket. It was a slow start to our day…but I am so thankful this was a day I could rest and pray for each of you and good health for all of us. ūüôā

I LOVE these tips. I work allot with stamping inks, embossing powders, glues and paints. My hands can look terrible. ūüôā And I really love the baby oil and butter, especially for cleaning out from under my nails. ¬†Since handling lots and lots of paper as well…this helps with all the dry, nicked, paper cut hands.

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I encourage you to go over to this gentleman’s website (see below)¬†so many wonderful helps!!

I am now off to whittle a few things off my to do list in my office. My Christmas Stampin’ Up order is coming in!! Woo Hoo!! ūüôā So we must get all in order for the new fun projects on their way!!

I will have a lovely and sweet helper and who knows…maybe I can get our son to “join in”.¬†I just pray for some energy to get some things accomplished!! Silly colds…I praise Him in the good and the bad, blessed be the name of the Lord!!

Have a wonderfully blessed day in the Lord Dear Friends,

k xoxo


Removing Paint from Hands

by Lee Wyatt (last updated November 18, 2013)

Have you noticed just how difficult of a task removing paint from hands can really be? It seems like, no matter how much you scrub and scrub, regular¬†soap¬†and water simply won’t do the job. While you could always sit there and scrub, scrub, and then scrub a little more until the stains are gone from your hands, I am sure that you have plenty of other things that you would rather be doing. Next time, try one of these methods for removing paint from your hands.

  • Paint removal wipes.¬†Purchase a set of baby wipes, preferably the ones that come in the cylinder container with a removable lid on the top. Open the container and let the wipes completely dry out. Once the wipes have been completely dried out, pour some paint thinner into the container, and allow the wipes to become saturated in it. Now, when you need to get rid of some paint from your hands, all you need to do is pullout a wipe or two, and it will be no problem. Be sure that you close the lid when you are done, or everything will dry out again. Also make sure that you keep these¬†paint removal¬†wipes away from any heat, or open flames (they will be flammable). You may even want to place a label on the container that says it is now filled with paint removal wipes, and flammable.
  • Baby oil.¬†Wash¬†your hands as normal with soap and water so that you can get as much of the dirt off your hands as you possibly can. Get some¬†cotton¬†balls, and a bottle of baby oil, and pour some baby oil onto the cotton ball. Be generous with the baby oil, but do not drown the cotton ball. Rub the baby oil over the areas of paint on your hands in a circular motion. The baby oil will begin to break up the paint, and won’t require you to press or scrub too hard. Continue to do this until you have removed as much paint as you can, and then “wash” your hands in baby oil to get the remaining paint from those hard to reach crevices. When finished, rewash your hands in soap and water.
  • Butter and margarine.¬†It may sound a bit weird, but you can also¬†remove paint¬†from your hands with the help of a little butter or margarine. The oils in the butter and margarine will help to break up the dried paint, and allow you to have¬†your¬†skin¬†clean again. Simply take a little bit of margarine or butter, and start rubbing it onto your hands like you would with a lotion. This will help to remove the paint, and then when all the paint is gone, simply¬†wash your hands¬†to get rid of the butter.

(Article Credit: cleaning.tips.net)

(Picture Credit: stampinup.com & stampinwithk.stampinup.net & stampinwithk.com)


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tips…

  1. I HAVE A VOICE says:

    Ooohhh my sister will thoroughly love these! I always learn from you.
    I’ll email you by Saturday since I’ve friends visiting from out of State but, I
    just had to peek at your wonderful blog k! Lovingly Debbie

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