Today’s New Year Tool: Project Planning

Project Planning is WONDERFUL!!!

I have tried each year to make it a priority to set up all projects (goals some might say) on a realistic schedule of projects I would love to see done in the new year. Here’s a look at this year’s project planning.

Plan Steps:

First I pray to seek the Lord’s guidance in all to follow.

Gather Tools:

I found a notebook at Half Price books 20% off sale this last weekend. Originally $4.99, I was able to purchased for $4.32 including tax. Always keep looking for bargains or what you may already have in your home to use. 🙂 I am truly thankful. It is a simple lined notebook with a little envelope in the back for loose items. Also a nice fitting matching band for good closure and a lovely ribbon bookmark. It measures 5 1/2″ by 3 1/2″. It is the perfect size to carry in my purse or set on my shelf to refer to for review(check off) or preparation each month.

See picture below…

I used a few simple items to help organize my planner’s each month’s plans:

Simple sticky note tabs and my ever faithful Sharpie pen fine line. I LOVE these pens and always love sticky note anything!! 😉


How I Assembled:

Then I went to preparing the notebook. First I divided into 12 months, plus top of the page dividers for notes and then a blog section for brainstorming ideas to be implemented later.

I prepared each month with a page for such sections in our home, family and my businesses, including blogs.

Each month’s subsections: bedroom, kitchen, office, parlor, my businesses of: [Stampin Up, Etsy Shop (StampinwithK), websites and blogs (HealthyLiving4Him and],

porch, my husband and children, personal.

Within each month’s subsections I list projects to be completed.

I can then carry these items to my monthly calendar (we can cover calendar usage in the next posting. 🙂 )


This helps me to see the big plans for our home, family and my personal plans. This planning also helps in being realistic on what can be accomplished and how to put it on the schedule. And on each month there is always room to add or move it to another month.

This planning also gives me the opportunity to check of a job that is complete. OK…I admit it, I do love to check things off!! 🙂

Personal Thoughts:

I definitely have my work cut out ahead for our new year. But it has been a blessing to pray and plan as best as possible. Ultimately, it is all in the Lord’s precious hands and is completely subject to His will…not mine.

I pray as you plan for your new year, please keep your focus first on the Lord and then make your plans. I pray this sharing of my simple project planner has blessed you in some small way to begin your new year preparations.

Keep serving Jesus well Dear Friends…He loves you so,

k xoxo


2 thoughts on “Today’s New Year Tool: Project Planning

  1. I HAVE A VOICE says:

    How have you been feeling these days dear, are you recuperating and, did your Christmas spill
    over with peace? You’ve been in my prayers dear. I love these ideas, too! We’re organized minds 🙂
    All my love and continuous prayers ~ Faithfully Debbie

    • k at Healthy Living 4 Him says:

      Slowly getting better. This was a real hummer of a flu. My sister shared that it was more than likely H1N1 or a variation of it. She has had 6 already on Echmos (sp?) and some haven’t made it. So I am super thankful beyond words for a Dr. who knows what he is doing. Who never alarms me with ALL the truth…until later. 🙂 And for a sister who could help at a hospital if we needed her. (She is a perfusionist). Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your prayers!! Our Lord definitely heard them.

      Praise the Lord Christmas was good. It is always difficult as one of our sweeties in heaven would have been born during that time. She is in heaver with her other sister and my sweet Grandmother…who has always loved, loved, loved our family.

      Thank you for your always faithful encouragements!!! I am just sitting down after 8 hours of cleaning and organizing my crafts. My youngest sweetie is still working away at one last “sit down” project. I told her it could wait…but she made quite a haul as I cleaned out things to sell (never used 😮 items for my new Etsy Shop). And since she is my little artist, I gave her my new never used cuttlebug for embossing and cutouts. She is in hog heaven. Much we will share but she has a haul of stamps, ink pads (some never used from a sweet friend of ours), bits and pieces. She is giddy! 🙂

      I am completely worn out. Totally exhausted. More than I have done for a month now. Silly how long some illnesses take to recover from. But with all my immune issues and other limitations…I am praising the Lord for my slow and steady work that was able to be done this day. God is so good!! And you my Dear Friend are such a blessing!!

      How are you doing? How was your holiday? Did you see family or friends? Did you get some down time? Any special plans for this new year about to come about?

      All my love and prayers to you my Dear Debbie!!

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