Merry Christmas…

Hello Dear Friends…or as my sweet Grandmother would say…Christmas Eve Gift!!

After 2 weeks of illness and some travel this last week…yes, I said travel and illness in the same breath, I am so thankful for all the Lord does in our lives!! Even when we are sick, there is something good to come out of it.

Last night as I was coughing and coughing…my Sweet Husband rolled over and wished me Christmas Eve gift!! I returned the gift of the encouragement and began to remember. I finally went to sleep early in the wee hours this morning, thinking of my Sweet Grandmother. I enjoyed thinking of all the Christmas Eve’s when I was an adult that I would call her first thing in the morning and greet her excitedly with…”say it, say it”. (As the oldest…I was only silly with her as time would tell…so this was one time of the year, I let all go and I would gleefully act like a girl. 🙂 ) She would giggle and wish me ‘Christmas Eve gift’. It was a must have every Christmas Eve and it was her gift to pass on.

Last night through my sleepless turns…I also remembered when I was a little girl how each Christmas she would come to visit with my Great Grandmother. My Great Grandmother was an amazing lady who lived to see 106 years…but she was very stoic. And as a child, I am sorry to say a stoic older person was never as exciting. Though we all loved her very much and now as an adult I appreciate all her talents and gifts. On the other hand, my Grandmother was pure joy!! She would let us play at her makeup table, sleep over in her bed and wake up in the middle of the night and literally bake a pie!! Seriously…you never knew what she would do. She was full of laughter and excitement! She could also turn a phrase and tell a story like no other person I have ever met!! She could make you feel beautiful even when you would have been up all night, barely brushed my hair, no makeup and baby burp towel as your scarf over your shoulder!! She was always so loving to my family and I. She made each of us feel so loved and truly special!! She had the true gift from the Lord of encouragement!!

Sorry I may be rambling on…but there were wonderful memories I wanted to record today. And though I am not 100% well…I am so thankful for last night’s difficult sleep. God has a way of blessing us even when most people would think it was a “bad night”.

I am thankful for such a lovely Dear Woman who loved me and my family as we aare beyond words. I am thankful for my Sweet Husband who remembers each year how important those 3 words are to me each Christmas Eve. And I am thankful for still being sick. If I hadn’t been sick and sleepless all those lovely memories the Lord gave me last night would not have come back to my mind. God is and always in control…even in our sleepless nights.

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

King James Version (KJV)

So Christmas Eve Gift Dear Friends!!

You all are in my prayers…even in this silly illness. Thank you all again and again for all your sweet messages and prayers. I so appreciate all of you!!

May we all remember our Sweet Savior’s gift of His birth and sacrifice on the cross. He lovingly paid that price so that we could know Him as Messiah and be free from paying the price for our sins…free indeed!!

Keep serving Him well Dear Friends, He loves each of you so very much,

k xoxo

Gift of Shalom, Peace

This beautiful card credit: International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. A wonderful ministry!! 🙂


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