Good Morning Dear Friends…

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Matthew 6:33

King James Version (KJV)

33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Good morning Dear Friends.

It has been a week since I have posted!! Thank you so much for the many encouragements. You all are in my prayers…even when the blog is quiet.

Oh my, have I been busy!

My Sweet Husband was away on a business trip and I decided to push through some major cleaning and re-organizing of our very large  basement. Where we live basements are very rare. And being a Southern coastal girl, basements are truly my least favorite place in any home. Having spent some time in the north, I see these areas as cold, clammy and dark. I LOVED growing up in a cathedral roofed home with floor to ceiling windows. At the time, I didn’t know how wonderful all the light was in our home. Now as an adult, I miss all that beautiful sun coming in our home. So with a basement…I do feel closed in and dark, no matter how many lights there are on. And to boot, with energy bills rising so fast, we do not keep our blinds open on the main floor as much as I would like. I keep praying through how to lighten our home. So I prayed and decided the Lord needed us to “lighten the load” in our home first.

It is true…clutter makes a home darker. If things close in on our space and sometimes even block light, our homes can feel darker. And therefore this Coastal girl feels gloomy. I am so thankful God always has a plan, if we just seek Him first!! PTL for His encouragement and guidance in our homes!!

 My poor two youngest children were truly wrangled into helping Mom. We literally threw out 2 large trash cans of junk. And 3 1/2  loads later to Goodwill, we are a good 25% of the way through!! I will admit this section to have been the worst of our basement barring my craft room portion with two businesses of merchandise stored and all the additional junk piled in for quick storage. This first launch was a huge blessing. Though my two helpers and I were totally exhausted, backs out and sore muscles…we were all super excited to see movement…finally!!

I still have 20 boxes of Christmas gifts and gifts bought on sale for the last 9 years to go through this weekend. They are all literally all stacked in my kitchen..but that will be a joy. I love to go “shopping” in our home. When ever I see something with someone special in mind or something on sale for the someone specials in our lives, I try to pick it up. I learned almost 30 years ago to shop ahead. With difficult pregnancies, health issues and financial struggles, I learned to prepare ahead. There were times I was put to bed with a pregnancy in October and the Lord was so good to have helped me have all gifts bought ahead ready to be given…no shopping needed!! And since I also buy gift wrapping at the after Christmas sales…wrapping is always available too! With this major clean out plus all I had bought and squirreled away for my family this Summer/Fall, we are set for many years!! I am shocked!! What a blessing!! I am excited to go through all and begin to wrap and prepare for not only my immediate family but also extended family and friends!! God is so merciful, faithful and full of grace. In my efforts to be obedient to Him and cut back on spending, He has literally given me a gold mine of blessings to share!! God is soooo good!!

I am so thankful to the Lord for the portion of work done, the blessings we found and the opportunity to begin “lightening” our load. I have been told for every “1” thing brought into the home, take out “2”. I think it was my Sweet Sister who shared this bit of wisdom. While working our way through all the walls of clutter, I shared this with my two youngest children. They both gave a hearty “Amen!” 🙂 So even if Mommy took a while to join the parade…I am thankful we are beginning to march to the music and walk into the light of the Lord’s wisdom of keeping our home.

I love my family and after 8 1/2 years of limitations due to a difficult pregnancy and many, many health issues, it is time for us in our home to seek the Lord first for His guidance in our lives…even our homes. All storage is now sorted, labeled and has easy access!! I even drew a map of where all would go and now will be used for future reference…easy peasy!! May the Lord continue to shine the way to His will for our family!!

I pray this encourages you to seek His will for you and your family today!! Please don’t be like me and put it off for 8 1/2 years!! My sore back and muscles can attest to this encouragement!! 😉 Little by little or upkeep along the way is always wisest. 🙂

Have a wonderful day in the Lord Dear Friends!!

k xoxo

PS…I didn’t take any basement pictures…but as we brought up boxes to clean out (again, I can see better the light) you can begin to see our walls and walls of boxes. We did all in shifts as there was not enough space for all at one time. We must have gone through 60 boxes…at least. So here is one of our before pics.

And then the after…oh, and I forgot to say we also chose to take down all Thanksgiving/Fall decorations and then to decorate for Christmas and clean the  house!! It was a lovely homecoming for my travel weary Sweet Husband!!



5 thoughts on “Good Morning Dear Friends…

    • k at Healthy Living 4 Him says:

      Well…Sabbath time. I think of the Sabbath as the Lord’s provision for rest. 🙂 Not much resting during our Mon-Wed. run!! But yesterday and today I am dragging a bit still and actually took short naps on both days!! 😉 I am still finding all the bruises on my arms today..seriously we were working till we couldn’t even move! The blessing was in a cleared out space and PTL we could bless others with things we didn’t need!! God is so good!! And if we could bring more light into our home to keep our focus on Christ’s light…then maybe this Coastal girl won’t crave sun and sea as much. :)As Paul taught us contentment…I am humbled to keep that reminder in all I do and all the places we have lived!! 🙂 God is so good!!

      Thank you so much for visiting and for being such a wonderful encourager in the Word!! I LOVE reading your blog!! Keep sharing the Word and pointing us to the Lord!! You are in my prayers…keep serving Him well!! He so truly loves your faithfulness, k xoxo

      • The Rev. Deirdre Whitfield says:

        Thank you so much. I do know exactly what you mean. We spent several days preparing a room (formerly used as the catch-all space) for my brother-in law who was visiting from Japan. 96 hours of non-stop clean-up, but I was so happy about having company (something we don’t usually get) and having the space. 🙂 Lol – I know it’s a weird kind of sabbath. I guess oddly enough I felt close and at rest because my mind was on the joy of visit. When my brother-in law arrived all I did was sit and enjoy the family, God is indeed good.

        Thank you again, for you have encouraged me as well! Having this community and blogs like yours is truly a blessing.

    • k at Healthy Living 4 Him says:

      You are such a kind and loving Dear Friend!! Thank you always for your endless encouragement!! You are in my prayers each day and I am so happy to hear from you!! How are you doing? Are you all as cold as we are here?

      Today my sweet husband found a rattler half dead trying to escape the cold. It had tried to get into a watering system hole and got caught in the hole in the lid. Literally half frozen!! He put it in a box. YUCK!!! Country life!!! OK…way to south down here!!! 😉 But still COLD!!! BRRRRR!!! 😉

      Thank you again…and I pray you are warm and cozy enjoying your lovely day in the Lord,
      k xoxo

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