Thursday’s Thoughts: I Pray Each of You…

had a WONDERFUL day of Thanksgiving to the Lord….


Psalm 26:7

King James Version (KJV)

7 That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works.

sky pic 1

I pray for each of you…

Matthew 6:33

King James Version (KJV)

33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

My Dear Friends,

I am humbled to share in my Thursdays Thoughts the blessings of our day. I pray you are encouraged.

We have been blessed for many years to host a lovely brunch and also a dinner each Thanksgiving. This year family and friends all had other emergencies needing attention or invitation for another dinner. So after discussion and prayer…I thought about serving. I have always wanted to serve in a Community Thanksgiving meal but we always had little ones.  Our friends from out of state didn’t have family and we felt they needed a place to come and be loved each year. They are now special family to us. What a privileged to have served in this beautifully yet lovely time of friendship and praises to our Lord!! We also loved hosting a brunch for our family so they could return home in time to watch their football games.

So this year as all our usual Dear Ones had other opportunities, the Lord brought serving again to mind. I prayed and spoke to my Sweet Husband. He agreed it was time. So I started making calls. First to a very large lovely dinner in a city near by. I was pleased as punch to find out that though they serve in the thousand plus…they had all the volunteers they need!! WOW!!! What an amazing thing to know!! So many with servants hearts serving so many!! What a mighty God we serve!! This information truly encouraged my soul!!

I then called to a larger town near by and in our old small town. But no answers or no opportunities. When I shared with my Sweet Husband, he expressed his desire to serve here in our little town. God was truly in charge of this!! I prayed and then started asking the Lord where to go. We have a very, very nice assisted living here in town and first thought of it. But there was no leading of the Lord. Then I looked up the meals on wheels here in town…nothing on Thanksgiving. Then I prayed and felt led to look into a large nursing home in our town. Bingo! I left a voicemail with a lovely Christian woman…even her message ended with God’s blessings!! PTL!!! I knew instantly the Lord’s nudgings earlier were with this nursing home. She called me back later and seemed pleasantly surprised that we would call and ask to come and help with their Thanksgiving dinner. I was truly humbled. We chatted, encouraged each other in the Lord and I gathered the information needed for my family’s opportunity.

We arrived this morning ready to go!! We entered in 5 minutes late and the sweet woman who was supervising today smiled and said, no you are right on time. So lovely and gracious. We received our instructions and the customary gloves, aprons and hairnets. We were truly styling but didn’t even care! 🙂 Within a few minutes of completing our early preparations for the meal…in came 30ish of the nicest people I have ever met!! I was truly amazed at these amazing gems of the Lord whose difficulties to us were great and to them were nothing. They were all kind, sweet and full of genuine joy! Just the serving of the meal, fellowship and their sweet gifts of smiles were a blessing beyond all words. Here we came to serve…and just as our Lord works all these things in His will and His way…we left edified!!

After we finished our time of serving the meal, we stayed to help in whatever was needed. First we were told no…you don’t need to stay…but we said we would. We were then told this was the first time the staff could actually sit down and eat together. We were offered a meal but we thanked them but declined…it was their time!! We then let them know to take their time, we were there until they finished their meals…no hurries!! Once finished the sweet woman in charge came over to our family and said they were finished and therefore we were finished. She thanked us many times and we asked if we could come back again…if they needed us. She was a bit surprised and said yes, and that they needed a Bingo caller among other activities. My husband looked at me and I instantly said…he was the one (he has a very, very loud and strong voice). Amazing how the Lord works. He smiled and said he would love to!! My youngest and I will go to Walmart on our little family fun day trip this holiday weekend and pick up some supplies to make some Christmas gifts for the residents. Nothing big or expensive…just a gift of love to let them know they are now in our prayers and we are blessed to get to know them. And my young adult son said he would like to go once a month and visit on a regular basis.  I am humbled!!

After we left we took a short drive and just chattered away about all the sweet people we had met!! It was fun and pure joy to share each of our experiences with each of the residents!! We all smiled, giggled and each one was running over with fun and joyful things that took place.

We then came home and ate some leftover pasta from last night’s dinner. It was just the ticket to hold us over till dinner tonight. We gathered my crockpot with a nice homemade stew (I will post the recipe soon…family recipe. 🙂  ) and made our way to visit our aging family members. We again were blessed and served a lovely dinner in which our family sat down to eat our Thanksgiving meal.

Now, I do not write this to say…oh how good we are…as our deeds are nothing in the big picture. There are so many more that serve every day of their lives…Dear Ones with aging parents, children with special needs, ill family or friends, those on the mission field, those in the medical field, etc. I share this to say…if you haven’t spent time serving outside your comfort zone of friends and family (and I am in no way diminishing that service…it is soooo important!!!) I would ask you to pray about serving those maybe outside your comfort zone.

Each year we ask each attendee at our Thanksgiving dinner table to share their own thanksgivings to the Lord. And as we drove back to our little town after visiting and serving dinner to our family we went around the car and each one shared their thoughts of thanksgiving for this last year. After all shared and spoke…my husband who started all of the thanks and I ended it…he wisely spoke of how thankful he was to go and serve lunch today. How he never thought of such a thing and how wonderful it turned out to be!! What a mighty God we serve!! I had prayed for this response and He blessed me beyond all words!! My Lord knew that was exactly what I needed to hear and He had my Sweet Husband be the one!!

So again…I do not share this to say we did anything special. I just ask each of you to pray and ask the Lord who you can share the love of Christ with each day. You are a wonderful creation of the Lord who has wonderful plans for each of your lives. Your selfless service to Him and others is always a blessing to the Lord and those around you. Our deeds do not need to be large gestures…just something as simple and small as filling a water glass or helping someone with their groceries…especially those heavy flats of water. I am amazed at what some will do in their day to day when they need a stronger back to lift things into their cars. Oh or even taking the cart in when someone is finished with theirs at the grocery store. Honestly, the list is endless!! And I would think you are already doing much more in the name of the Lord. We are not to boast or brag. We are to encourage each other…and again this is my intent in this writing. 🙂

Oh fyi…in almost 30 years of marriage we have never missed a turkey dinner until today. And I will tell you, every single one in my immediate family and extended family talked about how wonderful our stew (good ole comfort food) with homemade cornbread was to eat. And how many sweet memories filled our words just eating this simple family recipe crockpot stew!!

 I am thankful beyond words and humbled to know to the tiny detail of our family of His amazing provision!!

What a mighty God we serve…let us give thanks always for the great and even tiny things He does in our lives!!

Thank you Dear Friends for reading my little blog of devotionals gathered from wonderful Saints in the Lord, yummy recipes and hopefully joyful encouragements. Each of you bless me with your kindnesses and encouragements and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am humbled and pray you are encouraged to Christ and Christ alone. Let us keep our eyes fixed on Him in all we say and do. For He is God. And I am thankful for each one of you and  blessed to pray for each of you.

I pray you had  a lovely day in the Lord.

Keep serving Him well Dear Friends,

k xoxo


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