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Dear Friends,

I am truly humbled. I had a very difficult situation today. It was complicated with another issue last night. I was totally exhausted before the battle even began today.  I sat in frustration and well honestly anger. The Lord provided multiple teaching on faith, anger and now fear. The situation has somewhat passed though it will rear it’s ugly head again. That is how life is. I am now encouraged in many ways by today.

Today I read and listened to multiple Bible teachings. We need to seek God’s abundant life for us as Christians, to be slow to anger and slow to speak and now to memorize scripture in dealing with fearful situations. (PTL to end today in reading this article…God is always so amazing!!) I began last night to pray for wisdom…and this day He provided 3 opportunities for growing in Him and His Word. God is soooo good!

May the Lord bless each of you and may this article encourage you in your struggles in this life on earth. Keep seeking Him and hold onto His Word. There is great comfort and wisdom. All I knew to do last night and today was to keep seeking His wisdom in these areas of my struggles. Praise God again and again for all His provisions in our lives. I am truly humbled.

Keep serving Him well…He loves you so,

k xoxo

Wendy Blight

November 26, 2013

The Lord Will Provide
Wendy Blight

“On the mountain of the LORD it will be provided.” Genesis 22:14b (NLT)

Every time I flew, for days preceding each trip, anxiety welled up within me. I couldn’t sleep and I suffered with stomachaches, headaches, and a racing heart.

As traveling for work increased, so did the flying. I arrived exhausted. I knew I couldn’t continue living with this fear. I tried to justify this fear as different from other life-altering fears. But it wasn’t. Fear is fear, no matter the cause.

After one particularly difficult flight, I decided that was it! I was tired of this battle, so I purposed in my heart to do something.

I had battled and overcome fear in the past, but under different circumstances. So I once again called upon God to help me. This time I prayed to God by one of His great names, Yahweh Yireh, which means “the LORD will provide.” Praying toYahweh Yireh reminded me that God saw my situation and could provide for my needs.

Yahweh Yireh, I know You are with me when I fly. Your name tells me You know what I need, and You promise to provide it. I ask You and trust You to provide what I need to overcome my fear of flying.

Step by step, He provided just what I needed to lead me to a place of freedom. I felt His gentle reassurance in my heart. I am right here, my child. I am your Yahweh Yireh. Remember the story of my servant, Abraham.

I turned to Genesis 22 to refresh my memory. In verse 14 I read, “On the mountain of the LORD it will be provided.” (NLT) You see, God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, the one God promised to provide and did.

Without hesitation, Abraham took steps towards obeying God. He purposed in his heart to do the unthinkable because God asked him to. He trusted God to make a way to provide for the promise He had made. Even when Isaac asked his father where the sacrificial lamb was, Abraham exhibited great faith with his words: the Lord will provide. He then laid his son on the altar.

Just as Abraham drew back the knife to sacrifice his son, the Angel of the LORD intervened. And in that moment, Abraham spotted a ram.

God had provided a sacrifice.

God did the same for me. What Abraham faced is on a totally different level than my fear of flying. But Scripture teaches us that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). He is the same God He was back then with Abraham as He is in the present with me. He met me on each and every flight in ways that only He could do. He knew what I needed and provided it.

He divinely placed me next to pilots who explained the science of turbulence and the mechanics of planes. On one flight, I even sat next to an astronaut! Thank goodness I’m not flying into outer space, I thought! A friend began coming along with me who provided a comforting hand to hold … or squeeze with all my might, depending upon the flight!

With each trip, I grew more and more at peace. I found verses to pray when I flew. Memorizing and praying these truly helped me overcome my fear.

What provision do you need from Yahweh Yireh today? Peace, financial wisdom, confidence, good health? Just as He provided for me, He will provide for you. Go to Him in prayer.

I no longer dread traveling and sleep soundly the night before my flights. And most of all, I trust that Yahweh Yireh has His eyes on me and will provide what I need to bring me peace.

Yahweh Yireh, You are the Lord who will provide. I invite You to intervene in my circumstances today. Be ever present in my heart and my life and provide everything I need to overcome my fear. Amen.

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Reflect and Respond:
Where do you need God’s provision in your life?

Write a prayer that boldly asks Yahweh Yireh to provide for that need.

Power Verses:
Philippians 4:19, “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” (NIV)

Article Credit: Proverbs31.0rg

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