Tuesday’s Tips…

women chatting over tea

Hello Dear Friends,

Here are some wonderful tips for around our homes.

May we do all as if unto the Lord Col. 3:23…even in the cleaning and maintaining of our homes. 🙂

Be encouraged Dear Friends…your desiring to do you best for the Lord is always a blessing to those around you!! Even in the home. I am not a perfect house keeper by far. And with a busy family and homeschooling, our home is used 24/7. Plus older homes just get junkier looking faster. 🙂 We have owned two brand new homes and it was easier to keep it clean and in order. Our lovely farm house takes a bit more “doing”. But there is lovely charm and wonderful stories of the homes history that make those extra efforts worth doing.

And with us all here…there is always something happening…and something “undone” or left out. But I must keep desiring to offer my best…even on my not so good health days. It is always such a feeling of excitement to finish a project and offer it as a blessing to my Lord and to my sweet family.

Our God is a good and faithful God who blessed those who serve Him. Just do all with a genuine heart for Him and with your whole heart. He will bless. He loves you so…

I pray you will be blessed Dear Friends,

k xoxo

PS- I know this picture isn’t about “cleaning”. But I love learning from others…especially over a nice cup of tea. And this picture reminds me of this. Sharing and encouraging each other (edifying) in the Lord over a cup of tea!! 🙂

Quick Laundry Room Cleaning

by Lee Wyatt (last updated October 21, 2013)

Have you ever noticed just how messy the laundry room can get? I for one know just how messy my laundry room can get in only a few days. Perhaps it has something to do with having children, but often I think it is only because the laundry room is a natural collection point for dirty clothes and other items. With this constant mess, I have learned over time that quick laundry room cleaning isn’t only possible, but often a necessity. Here is the method that I use to get my laundry room clean in around twenty minutes.
  • Remove everything. Take as many things out of the laundry room as you can. This means that you take things like trash, rugs, and mats out of the room. Throw all the trash away, and place the rugs or mats outside on a fence to air out. Run a dust mop over the ceiling, and in all the corners of the room so that you can get rid of any cobwebs, and dust buildup. Use a few cleaning wipes to wipe your sink and shelves while also wiping the top of the washer and dryer. Pull the appliances away from the wall, and clean behind them. If necessary also unplug them so that you can get behind them easier. Open up the lint trap, and clean it out. While you have the lint trap removed, push a vent brush down the lint vent and twist it around a couple of times.
  • Wash and wipe. Fill up a bucket with some warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Dip a scrubber into the water and then begin using it to clean any rubber gaskets, buttons, and knobs that you can see on your appliances and sink. Rinse out the scrubber, and repeat the process on the outside of the appliances. While the appliances are drying, disconnect the dryer hose, and vacuum it out, using your crevice attachment to get into it as far as possible. When finished, reattach the hose to the dryer.
  • Vacuum and mop. Continue to vacuum the backs of the appliances, as well as the floor. You should use your brush attachment so that you can get over everything as much as possible. Pull out the dust mop again, and begin using it on the floors of your laundry room. Quickly mop up the floor using a mop, or Swiffer Wet-Jet style mop, and get everything nice and clean. Open up any windows to ensure that you can air out the room.
  • Replace everything. Replace all the mats, rugs, and appliances, and plug everything back in. This includes making sure that you have replaced the lint trap on your dryer. Fill up the washer with some hot water, and then add a gallon of white vinegar (since it has a less offensive odor), and run the washer through a rinse cycle. This will help ensure that your washer is nice and clean, while also removing any odors.

Article Credit: cleaning.tips.net

Picture Credit: Pictures.com


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