Monday’s Silly Fun…

Hello Dear Friends,

Get ready for a good giggle!! 😉

Seriously…hilarious!! 😉

Alpaca lunch

Ok, let’s go!! 😉

Plastic surgery

That is way too cute!!

But Dad, spiders.

OK…that can’t be real!! But funny!!



Silly Owl


More sweet!!

That is something!!


More something!!

By Back To Earth - Artworks.

Talk about team work!!

Whatever It Takes -

Poor baby…just thirsty…

I don't think I even want to know!

How’d they do this one?

Worn out



Ok, are you laughing!! What  look!!


You silly human

Love it!!

I was cold, boss - - Your Daily LOL and Entertainment!

I have had a few of these in the early days…

Stealth Kitten - - Your Daily LOL and Entertainment!

Oh my!!

Skip the bowl


I pray you are encouraged by such sweet and silly pictures of the Lord’s sweet creations.

 Scripture says it best:

Pro. 17:22 A joyful heart is a good medicine. But a broken spirit dries up the bones.

Have a joy filled week in the Lord,

k xoxo

Picture Credit:


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