Hope Your Weekend Was A Blessing…

tea and roses

Hello Dear Friends,

 This is the day the Lord has made;

We will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

New King James Version (NKJV)

 I pray your day was a wonderful one full of the Lord’s blessings and hopefully a little rest before you start your work week.

I spent this weekend at a Seminary going to a Women’s conference. There were lots of details to attend to in order to go. And there was the question whether my family could get away to come as well. Two children sick and a very very busy sweet husband. As always the Lord is truly amazing in all His provisions for each of our lives. All was done and all could get away.

What an amazing blessing!! I heard amazing women like Elizabeth George. She walked on the stage quoting Ps. 118:24. She is so insightful!! I have read her books for years. When she led one of our large sessions, the Lord immediately penetrated my heart with His truths I hadn’t even thought about in that light – tithing my time!! The Word is truly living and she teaches the Word!! I even had a chance to chat briefly with her kind husband and then with her. She is so gracious and kind! What a blessing!! Take the time and look into her books, especially: A Woman After God’s Own Heart!! I have read it and know there is so much more I will glean from it again when I reread it!!  She is an amazing woman that offered this one thought from one who loved and discipled her in the Lord:

Time management…if we sleep 8 hours a day, that leaves 16 waking hours. Now, if we tithe our time to the Lord (yes, she said time!!) , that would be 1.6 hours a day in His Word. Seriously!! She was gracious to say her mentor brought this up while her husband was in Seminary and didn’t suggest she do it. But she did and does. She taught how, when, where and why to spend our personal alone time with the Savior. She also shared how it forever changed her walk and life!! PTL!! Honestly, isn’t a tithe the minimum we do for the Lord?! I was soooo convicted!! All the way home, I listened to my audio Bible and had a wonderful time with the Savior.

So as she described her use of highlighters and topics she sought in God’s Word…I am beginning a new journey myself!! I had just purchased a brand new Bible and will use it for this study as well. May this be a journey that will please the Lord and may I grow in God’s Word. If you are encouraged and join me…please send me a message. I will gladly pray specifically for you.

Then we also heard a wonderful woman by the name of Dorothy Patterson. She is wife of the Head Dean of the Seminary. She turned 70 years old this weekend. She is an amazing woman who was full of wisdom, spoke a mile a minute (and never missed a beat!) and also had a little sweet swagger in her walk!! She was funny and full of what Southerner’s call “sass”…but in a good loving way. She kept us hopping!! She has a double PhD and still asks all to call ‘Mrs.’ Patterson. She shared incredible ideas to help each of us walk away and serve our sweet Lord better!! I was amazed to hear all the wonderful work she has and will continue to do in women’s ministry!! PTL for this dear sweet saint in the Lord who has dedicated her life to serving and loving so many to the Lord!! She is truly a woman I would love to sit and share a cup of tea with and hear all the wonderful things the Lord has done in her life!! May the Lord bless all her service to Him and continue to bless her family!!

Finally the only main speaker who spoke twice was Michelle Duggar. What a wonderfully kind, incredibly sweet/meek, true servant of the Lord Jesus Christ! She loves the Lord and is a loving wife/mother. I knew when I saw the line up of speakers, she was the one I wanted to hear most (though I was pleasantly surprised as they all were equally amazing). Her encouragements as a wife and mother strike a cord with my heart, over and over. She has truly taught me many things. 🙂 What a blessing!! I highly recommend she and her husband’s books. And their first book I will give to each of my children as a great “how to” for marriage. There is great wisdom in their stories and how they manage their household. Their entire family was there as well.  The children played their instruments and the family sang together. Then we all were able to meet each of them as they did a book signing.  They are kind and extremely encouraging!!  My sweet family also came that day to visit the campus and then were able to stand in line and chat. May the Lord continue to bless this family and may the keep serving the Lord in a mighty way!! Their conservative Christian values have taken that message to our nation and the world!! PTL!!! For such a fine example of encouragement to families today!! PTL, we need this!! 🙂

And finally, I would also like to share a personal perspective. I met Christian women from all over the United States. These were amazing women!! When I would ask a question like…where do we register, people who were attending the conference would walk two buildings over to take me to the registration table!! WOW!!! Such amazing servant’s hearts!! It has been a long time since I had met so many sweet women who passionately serve God…passionately!! What an encouragement!!

We chatted with professors from the seminary who also taught this weekend. Incredible women who love the Lord and have developed amazing curriculum by Christian women for Christian women!! There were wives, mothers, grandmothers, widows, single women, engaged women and young girls at the conference. There were also many sweet wives of student husbands of the seminary. They were amazing!! Such sweet servant’s hearts!! And they taught to all of us!! They completely got the truths of God’s Biblical priorities for women!! AMEN!!! I left there thinking and praying for my daughters/son and future sons in law/daughter in law. Where would the Lord take them? I realized even more, I still have allot of work ahead of me. 🙂 I have a wonderful new vision for serving the Lord, my husband, my children and better making my home a Spiritual center for encouraging and loving others in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!! And I praise the Lord for this wonderful opportunity!!

May we all serve Him well in His will for each of our lives!!

Seek Him and serve Him well today my Dear Friends,

k xoxo

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5 thoughts on “Hope Your Weekend Was A Blessing…

  1. Winterville First Baptist Church Media Center says:

    Wow! Sounds like God totally blessed you with a wonderful weekend experience. I love the Duggars. Watch their show all the time and wish their seasons weren’t so short. I’m following Josh Duggar on Instagram and really enjoying seeing the pics he posts. I just discovered Netflix now has 19 Kids and Counting and I’m enjoying going back and watching the shows again.
    So happy you shared with us your blessed weekend.

    • k at Healthy Living 4 Him says:

      Thank you Debbie!! You are such a blessing!! I spent the morning with my parents while my Dear Mom was having eye surgery. The wait was long and then your sweet message came in. What a lovely note to lighten the morning.!! Thank you!!! 🙂

      It was a wonderful time and I am humbled the Lord allowed me to go!! And to boot, my Sweet Husband and children at first couldn’t go and then they surprised me at the hotel that night!! What a blessing!!! My Sweet Husband took our son around the Seminary for his future choices he is praying over. All loved being on campus and as I said before…everyone was so sweet and kind.

      And the Duggar’s were such a blessing. I have been encouraged from afar by her walk. The Lord has used this mighty woman and family to encourage conservative Christians throughout the world!! We do not have cable and hardly watch tv…if ever. But we do have Netflix and there is where we have seen the shows. So many good encouragements in the shows. And I had also read their books. If you haven’t read them…they are worth the investment!! 🙂

      Bless you in the name of the Lord so much Debbie and thank you again for all your wonderful encouragements!!

      • Winterville First Baptist Church Media Center says:

        I’ve read one of the books and loved it!!!

        I hope all went well with your mom’s eye surgery. And I’m glad that God sent a blessing to you through my message. It’s amazing how God can work.

        There are lots of good Christian movies on Netflix, I’ve been amazed. Of course, I have watch some that were pretty badly made…I wish all Christian films could be done with quality! But I think they are getting better!!

        God’s blessings to you and your family! It’s been lovely to get to know you through our blogs.


      • k at Healthy Living 4 Him says:

        Yes…I agree!!! I am so glad they are working towards quality. Kirk Cameron seems to be doing this. And there is the San Antonio Christian film festival that is helping in this too! None the less Netflix is nice for us country folk that will not get satellite. 🙂 We so enjoy the documentaries and the how’d they do that shows…and 19 kids and counting. 😉

        I am so encouraged by your sweet friendship and always enjoy all your recommended books!! Keep up all the good work!:) Thank you!!!

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