Answered Prayers…

Thank you Dear Friends!!

Our Lord reigns!! His love, grace and mercy led our class tonight.

Please if you can, continue to pray for the entire Bible study and our small but amazing class of sweet ladies who truly love the Lord. Not only was I incredibly encouraged in our Bible study, I was encouraged by these amazing women!!

Please pray for those who attend to study the Word and those that will come in the future. We are humbled to have people from all over…many towns and to serve our community. It is all the Lord’s and we are His servants.

Your encouragements and kindness…well allowed me to walk in tonight literally with tears of humble joy. The Lord used each one of you for His glory and a sweet, joyful study of His Word.

Thank each of you Dear Friends from the bottom of my heart. The work is not finished and there were and will continue to be “obstacles”…but keeping my mind on the Lord and His will, provided a sweet peace that my meager words cannot express.

Humbly serving Him,

k xoxo


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