Prayer Request Dear Friends…

Hello Dear Friends, 

I have been busy with a sick child at home and sick child at college. Wow…long distance mothering…that’s a new one!! God is always good and gives us all His strength and hopefully His wisdom in times like these.

I have a personal prayer request…

I have been called to take over serving as a leader in our Bible study tonight. Change is hard and the first act of the class is hard to follow. 🙂 Truly a lovely couple who love the Lord.

I am truly not the ‘all wise’ leader/teacher. I am truly the student who the Lord is allowing to serve these sweet women.  And as you and I know, according to scripture this is nothing to take lightly but to be in great prayer for each time I am allowed to serve.

Please pray for wisdom, courage, and strength…when to be quiet and when to speak as I begin this new journey tonight. I know there is a couple of participants who have said they don’t want things to change….and I truly understand this. I did not choose the timing or the who will lead in this, our wonderful core leadership board makes these decisions. I only stood ready to go where they told me to go and  when I was to serve. And more importantly, the Lord has been graciously teaching/leading this ‘ole’ children’s school teacher’ to lead sweet adult women in discussion for the last couple of years. I am not worthy but where He leads me, I will go. I love the Lord and know He has a reason for me to get out of my “comfort zone”.

Truly I am so unworthy and seek your prayers this evening that I may serve our Lord Jesus Christ well…to my best ability and that I may love and serve these Dear Sweet Women in the Lord. I am so humble for such a task as this. It has been many years since serving in Women’s ministries.

Thank you for hearing my heart, praying with me and as always for being such Sweet Friends to me…a truly unworthy Sister in the Lord.

It is all His I lay down, as I am truly weak and He is truly strong. Amen.

I am praying this day for each of you, my Dear Friends.

Have a truly wonderful day in the Lord, keep serving Him well, He loves you so…

k xoxo

Proverbs 3:5-6


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