Monday’s Silly Fun…


silly pets pictures | Funny dog with cap

Oh my…this sweet pup makes my day!!

pets  | Funny pets behaving badly |

Why do they do this? 😉 Hey he almost blends in with his “crime”. TP camouflaged!!

cute dog pictures | cute-dogs

So sweet!!

pets  | Cool Cats Haircuts | Pets - Exotic, Animals, Stories

Look at her new do!! That’s wild baby!! 🙂

pets  | ... have suddenly become and just how many people want pigs as pets

So tiny!!!

pets  | Funny dog hair do image.PNG

Ok…don’t laugh, I used to wear my hair like this!! 😉

pets  | ... turtle as a pet the common sub species which are kept as pets are box

Let’s roll!

pets  | Online Pet Supplies for Small Pets

Not a real rat fan…but cute!!

Look at that animal being attacked by the cat.

Cat Attack!!

Saint Bernard FAQ Keepsake Box; retail on Zazzle - other items available with the same list of Saint Bernard FAQ

When I was young, I really wanted a St. Bernard!! LOVE this!!

Oh my poor puppies, makes me miss them more:(


For the love of dogs!

Lol so not true!! Cats have feelings

Ok…this made me laugh!!

This is sooo true with younger cats! Now that my cats are older they have settled down and keep similar hours to me. Finally.

Why do they do this? 🙂

As soon as you happen to be finished looking at this, try investigating a pretty important topic the majority of us really should be asking our-self.

See, not just puppies….

Does it LOOK like i like to cuddle?


funny animal pictures, dumpaday (3). I Now that's a training issue.


Dear Friends,

Be sure to take some time today to giggle out loud. Scripture says it best:

Pro. 17:22 A joyful heart is a good medicine. But a broken spirit dries up the bones.

Have a joy filled day in the Lord,



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