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Hello Dear Friends,

I have been quiet as it has been a season of prayer. So much has been going on…I needed to be with the Lord for a season. Please forgive my absence Dear Friends.

I have been praying for each of those who read this blog. Our Lord is a mighty God!! He is amazing to know our hearts and know our hearts’ desires. Please know that I remember you more than I can ever express and I am so thankful for this opportunity to get to know so many of you Dear Friends!! I am so blessed by your amazing ministries in your writings!! Keep serving Him well!! He so loves each one of you and has a special ministry of service to Him for each one of you!! Isn’t our God great!!!

I will not tarry here tonight…still much going on. 🙂 But no matter what, the Lord is sooooo good!! And though we may be going through struggles and watching Dear Friends going through struggles (and we are right now…please pray with us for this Dear Family…thank you!!) our God reigns!! He is the one true God and is control of all!! PTL!!!

Seeking Christ,

k xoxo


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