Tuesday’s Tips…Household Chores: Involving And Teaching Our Children

laudry with sun shining

Hello Dear Friends,

I pray you all have had a lovely day in the Lord.

Tonight I thought I would share on the wonderful cleaning tips that involves your sweet children!

In our home we always have lots and lots going on!! 🙂 I am sure many of you can relate!!

We have had assigned chores since the children were old enough to pitch in. And if they weren’t old enough to do chores on their own, they were our “little helpers”.  Little ones LOVE helping!! Especially when we are together (our children LOVE to be with their parents…even in the name of chores). We would set out to patiently take our time with them, lovingly teach them and encourage…encourage…encourage!! 😉 (Hint: you must decide before all gets started to take extra time to help them and determine to be encouraging…even in your tone of voice.)

I would always start the little ones out with folding wash cloths and bringing all the little trash cans in so I could empty them. The children could reline the trash cans and put them back in place. Seriously…they LOVED this!! Again, lots and lots of patient instruction and mucho, mucho praise!! 🙂

Another fun “little helper” idea is to teach the children how to sort clothes. I always had color coded hampers. I kept all in one spot and the children would put their clothes in daily. The hampers were pink (for reds, pinks and purples…yes you can tell we have girlie girls!! 🙂 ) , blue hamper for darks and a white hamper for whites/lights (I would subdivide these when washing into lights and whites loads). We always seem to have a hallway outside the bedrooms or laundry room area. If it was by the laundry room, I would give each bathroom a small basket that once a day one of my special “little helpers” would bring all into the hamper area to be sorted. Another fun hint for laundry…I ALWAYS have a stain stick or spray for stains right by the hampers. My children, when little…LOVED the stain sticks. I think they thought it was an “art project”!! 😉 We never had stains once I instituted this practice…they loved it as if it was a privileged and a game!! 😉 CUTE!!!

Of course you must help them for a season to be sure they understand each task and to ensure their safety and solo abilities. NEVER give a child something to do that is beyond their abilities. We never want to give a child something that will frustrate them and cause them to fail. They will have an even greater time eventually learning the task without a predisposed opinion…you know: not liking the task or feeling as if they have and will always fail at the task. Consistent encouragement, modeling and teaching the task. Also showing love, patience and kindness are the best ways to teach a child a task. Never scrutinize their work and never “redo” their work in front of them. Always tell them what they did right and if need be encourage them to “adjust a little”. You’d be surprised how a slow adjustment will make a greater longer impacting training session over time.

Parents…don’t be in a hurry. Children need time with their parents to be taught life skills. Not only that it is an opportunity to invest in your relationship with your children. Again…children LOVE to be with their Mommy and Daddy!! They especially LOVE to receive praise from their parents. This is your time…and though you may be busy…as a parent of 2 adult children and the last one finishing up…it goes by in a blink! It seems that yesterday I was rocking my babies to sleep and now one “texts” me to say good night. OK…I am taking a deep breath and trying not to cry right now!!

I heard a speaker years ago share that in order to Train up a child as in scripture, it literally can be a thousand times of repetition in our training. Once I heard that…honestly, I felt relieved of the failure of what I perceived as teaching poorly on my part.  I also felt relieved for my children. Amazingly, with a better outlook from Mommy and Daddy, the children learned much more quickly the assigned tasks…we relaxed!! 🙂

Proverbs 22:6

English Standard Version (ESV)

6 Train up a child in the way he should go;
even when he is old he will not depart from it.

With responsibility comes great lessons and blessings. We also taught the children to do all as if unto the Lord.

Colossians 3:23-24

King James Version (KJV)

23 And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;

24 Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.

Of course with age, the responsibilities have increased. Also with the increased responsibilities came greater blessings. And as they older ones begin to establish their lives, they have all literally done everything in our home and on our property. What a blessing!!

Yes, they are only young once…but as a teacher I have met many young adults that have extremely limited life skills. We even organized these lessons into a home economics class for their homeschooling!! PTL!!! 🙂 So even more opportunity to learn all and learn it well.

Children do need to time for joy and fun…but they also need our love, guidance and instructions.

So if your family is still young and in the growing years…pray through what the Lord has for you to teach them.

Have a wonderful week in the Lord,

k xoxo


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