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Diet Foods | Increase Your Metabolism

When you increase your metabolism you will burn calories faster. Certain diet foods are known to help boost the metabolism and help keep you healthy.

The metabolism involves a complex network of  enzymes and hormones, that not only convert food into fuel, but also affect how efficiently you burn that fuel.

Your metabolism is influenced by your age, your gender, and proportion of lean body mass (the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate tends to be). The metabolism naturally slows down after the age of 40.

Besides eating diet foods, exercise is also imperative. Aerobic workouts burn more calories short term and weight training builds the muscles that will boost your metabolism in the long run.

There’s a common problem that many people believe; that if you eat less you’ll lose weight. On the contrary though…have you heard about eating more to lose weight? It’s true because small, frequent, and healthy meals help keep your metabolism in high gear. When you eat more small healthy meals, you’ll burn more calories overall. If you wait too long to eat between meals, your metabolism actually slows down to compensate.

“According to Georgia State University, researchers reported that when athletes ate snacks totaling about 250 calories each, three times a day, they had greater energy output then when they didn’t snack. The study also found that snacking helped the athletes eat less at each of their three regular meals. The final result was a higher metabolic rate, a lower caloric intake, and reduction in body fat.” (WebMD Article)

Diet Foods

Superfoods that Increase your Metabolism

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The bottom line

Exercise more, drink more water, eat small frequent meals and snack on low-calorie and high-protein foods to increase your metabolism in order to burn more calories and to avoid obesity!


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