The Lord Is Good And Greatly To Be Praised!!

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Hello Dear Friends,

I cannot thank each of you enough for all your kindness and encouragement!! Each of your timing has been truly amazing!! I have genuinely felt your prayers of support and so appreciated your lovely notes of encouragement. Thank you my Dear Sweet and Kind Friends.

I literally didn’t even have a moment to open my computer from Thursday afternoon until now. WOW! That is so strange. What a time and world we live in that a piece of electronic hardware is so much of our day to day. We receive our news from it, we communicate to our loved ones with it and we even receive our coupons from it!! If someone would have told me years ago this would be the result of that box with a black screen and white letters, I tried to learn to “code” on in college…I would have roared laughing. Seriously…I am even married to an IT well….as my incredibly poetic and loving Grandmother would say…”he’s the man with the beautiful brain.” (Who in my opinion is amazingly gifted from the Lord in this area of the world. Ok…I am not biased!! 😉 ) I still would have laughed at the unbelievable impact this technology has brought into the world as we know it today.

So all this to say…what a day and half it has been. 🙂 We found out one extended family member will have surgery later in the month and I am working to clear my calendar to be privileged to be there if only to support, run get coffee and pray. 🙂 And we also found out yesterday another family member will have serious dental surgeries in the next month, two or possibly three months. And I will also be clearing my calendar for multiple trips to the city for these. I am will be the driver/caretaker. Also then of course, just the regular daily comings and goings have kept me busy. Sometimes when these events take place…my world seems to go in slow motion. Then I realize…all doesn’t stop while I seek the Lord for His peace and provisions. PTL He is in control!! 🙂

I am writing this note to let you all know again…when it is quiet you all are in my prayers. And I sooo over and over thank the Lord for your sweet encouragements and prayers. I am sooooo humbled by each beautiful encouragement that each of you take time in your busy schedules to send. Again….humbled. May the Lord bless each of you in your ministries and thank each of you for such sweet ministering to me. It is true when we are weak…He is strong.

2 Corinthians 13:9

New American Standard Bible (NASB)

9 For we rejoice when we ourselves are weak but you are strong; this we also pray for, that you be made complete.

Thank you to each of you for being apart of that edification in my life!! The Lord has provided such amazing people in our lives who truly love and serve with their whole heart!! Who encourage and build us up…edify…to the Lord!! Our God provides!!!

In all the hub bub that was making our little world slow a bit this week, I met this sweet Mommy with two beautiful children: a little 1 1/2 year old and a 5 year old. Mommy was tired though early in the day and both children were wanting her attention. I was waiting for my family member who was seeing the doctor.

We had enjoyed our wonderful exchanges and hugs with all of the wonderful staff at our Dr’s office. (We have gone to this doctor for almost 20 years now…we love all his staff. They are incredible…Doc too!!) As I sat waiting, Mommy and I began chatting. She was lovely but feeling a bit overwhelmed. Her sweet children were soooo good but very active. And waiting in the drs. office is really no fun for little ones. I remember these days so well. 🙂

So after Mommy and I exchanged a brief sweet conversation, her 5 year old began chatting. We talked about everything under the sun in her sweet little life. I was in hog heaven!! She had phenomenal communication skills for her age. I kept letting the Mommy know…good job!! And I for a short moment in time…lived in this sweet child’s wonderfully exciting and charming world as she explained all to me. Then Mommy was called in and we wished each other well. Reality came back into focus.

As I waited for may family member, one of the staff commented. I hadn’t realized anyone was listening. The Dear Sweet Friend was so kind. I immediately turned all back to this dear wonderful child. God is sooooo good!! When my family member came out, I was taking care of all the “business” end of the appointment…and here came my little friends with their Mommy. I introduced my family member to the little ones as they had asked about my family. And we all encouraged each other again and wished each other fair well.  I left there on cloud 9!! The Lord used this sweet family in a “chance” encounter to encourage me!! (Yes we Christians know better…the Lord is truly the author of all that happens in our lives…even chatting with a  dear sweet 5 year old child.) WOW!!! The Lord is good and greatly to be praised. He strengthened me when I was weak. He showed me I needed to live in the moment and enjoy His blessings!!

In our Bible studies and I so excited and honored to attend and somewhat serve in…we have been studying grace and mercy. Paul has sooo much to say on this subject. Our freedom in Christ. (I am sooo encouraged by these incredible servant’s of the Lord’s I sit with each week!! I am excited to see all He is teaching me in this truly amazing time of learning from so many humble, gifted and truly Servant’s hearts!! What amazing times in the Lord these have been and continue to be. Iron does sharpen iron as scripture speaks.)

Proverbs 27:17

New American Standard Bible (NASB)

17 Iron sharpens iron,
So one man sharpens another.

The Lord has been truly working on this area of my life. I seriously thought grace and mercy were fairly good to go. There were some sticking points for sure but basically all was “good enough” in this area as there were other areas I thought He wanted to focus on. 🙂 WOW, the Lord is soooo good to keep molding me and growing me in His design and His plan…not mine. I do at times these days feel like that lumpy clay scripture talks about.

Jeremiah 18:3-4

New American Standard Bible (NASB)

3 Then I went down to the potter’s house, and there he was, making something on the wheel. 4 But the vessel that he was making of clay was spoiled in the hand of the potter; so he remade it into another vessel, as it pleased the potter to make.

 I also realize I am not alone in this lumpy bumpy state so as not to sound selfish. But I am truly continuing learning to praise the Lord in these times.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

New American Standard Bible (NASB)

18 in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

I have shared before I keep a praise journal. The Lord is teaching me great lessons in being thankful when I/we are experiencing difficult issues. I awoke again to a new situation that began yesterday but the Lord graciously gave me two days to meditate on Him and seek His will. How thankful I am that we have the Holy Spirit to patiently comfort and guide us in our walk on this earth. I am excited to see the day in Heaven when I can look at the Potter face to face and ask for His guidance. I am also always excited in this life to have such access now. The Lord does answer our prayers. We do have to be still and quiet and seek His face. And in a world of distractions…family, friends, responsibilities, hardships….electronics, it can be hard to hear His guidance. But know this my Dear Friends, He does answer and He does want us to not only hear His will but do His will!! WOW, What an amazing God we serve!! What a lovely encounter to remind me of grace, mercy and praise!! I imagine you know what was in my praise journal that day!! 🙂

So I will end my morning ramblings (that are now into the afternoon) and sharing of the lessons the Lord is laying on my heart. Sorry, just started out with a quick note and ended up with a bit more…story of my life!! 😉 I wanted to let you all know all the wonderful things the Lord is doing!! And also let you know how much I appreciate each of you and how the Lord is leading/teaching me with the help of each of your prayers. Without your prayers…our prayers for each other…life is a lonely and a much more difficult journey. Our God answers prayers!!! The Lord is good and greatly to be praised!!

And knowing my feeble brain :), the Lord will lovingly teach me these lessons again and again until I am with Him in heaven.  Just know my Dear Sweet Friends, our Lord loves each of you beyond all Words. He sent His son to die for your (and my) sins…personally. He knows you and wants the very best for your lives. And when we fully trust Him, we can truly walk in the Light and Love of all He promises us in His Word. The Lord is good and greatly to be praised!! I humbly ask each of you to spend your day today with me praising our Lord for all He has done, is doing and will do in each of our lives.

Thank you again and again for your encouragement and prayers, my love and prayers are with each of you, my Dear Sweet Friends,

k xoxo

PS-I hope to have the quiet time I planned earlier this week and answer some of your sweet emails. Thank you again!! 🙂

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