Thursday’s Thoughts…Supporting Christian Small Businesses

Hello Dear Friends,

I promised in an earlier post to share about a lovely little restaurant we visited on our weekend getaway. This post may be a little different than what you thought it would be, please just hang with me…so here it goes 😉

We LOVE supporting small businesses…even better Christian small businesses!! 🙂 What a blessing to support our Brothers and Sisters in Christ at their wonderful restaurant while on vacation!! 🙂

We planned a day trip to a small town near the city we went to visit. While on our fun drive we decided to stop for lunch. My Sweet Husband looked and looked at some local cute map of the town I picked up on a short stop that morning. (Always look for the cartoon-ish looking local sights maps…they are great!!!) He then did fun drive by’s to see which one we liked. Also, we were giving the rain some time to slow down. 🙂 In this journey, we discovered a marvelous and absolutely charming little locally owned restaurant!!

We were so pleasantly surprised.  This restaurant was decorated soooo beautifully.  The walls were filled with warm encouraging words, scriptures and pictures that were lovely and charming.


There was a warm and cozy feel the entire time we were there.


Like I said earlier, it was raining and storming when we ducked into the front door. Literally over the door was a wonderful prayer coming in and one going out. What a blessing!! We instantly felt at home. 🙂

I whole heartedly believe we need to support “Mom and Pop” local businesses!! A sweet family either owned or ran the restaurant…we weren’t sure. The Mom and daughters were giggling, talking with everyone…just as if you were in someone’s home for dinner!! Everyone either knew everyone or before you left you did know everyone!! LOVE IT!!! 🙂 Also, in small restaurants…you can quietly sit in the corner and enjoy a quiet meal while watching all the people…ok kinda, dinner and a show! 😉

Small businesses have such a hard time making it in this world of Big Box Stores…chains…etc. The corporate world is in everything now. Having owned a small brick and mortar store for a short season, I do believe we do need to “keep it local” and that literally means keeping our purchases and money in our own communities. (There is even some encouragement to buy/eat local produce/food.)

 In our small town, we even have special local shopping days. There are treasure hunt type shopping days where we go from small business to small business and we get a stamp on a special card. That stamp not only gives us a discount to shop in each store…but usually there is a drawing for those who “fill the card”. It is a great way to know your neighbors, small town and local shops. We look so forward to these fun days!!

Another wonderful fun part of patronizing the local businesses, the waitress was so wonderful and sweet as well!! She literally gave us each a hug when we finished our lunch!! Oh my goodness!! I LOVE small town businesses!! 🙂 We had so enjoyed chatting with her and never thought anything about it!! She was so sweet and kind…she made us leave wanting more time for fellowship as well as the absolutely scrumptious…”homemade” meals.

So be adventurous and maybe try something new!! Do a little homework and shop/keep it local!! Support your small businesses in your area and even one better…Christian small businesses. We LOVE supporting Christian small businesses and making lovely new friends!!

Have a wonderful day in the Lord,

k xoxo


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