Thursday’s Thoughts: Thank You Dear Friends For Your Prayers…

Hello Dear Friends,

A quick note to try to say in words that I will truly fail to use…as much as my heart wants to say.


  I cannot tell each of you how much I soooo appreciate your prayers and so many unbelievable kind messages!! I am so humbled and amazed at the beautiful and amazingly edifying body of Christ who step up!! In our little blog community there are some amazing Dear Friends!! I am so humbled that each of you have prayed for our Dear Friends in this time of such a loss. I spoke with Sweet Friends today and we cried and shared about this Dear Sweet Friend who is in the presence of our Lord!! What a glorious homecoming it was for her…we all are certain. One Sweet Friend talked about all the people that are waiting in heaven that this Dear Sweet Woman prayed for and encouraged!!

What an encouragement to serve the Lord with our whole heart. To have a sweet smile for all we meet…knowing we may be the only Christian they may meet this day!! And to slow down, smile and truly wish someone well. To stop and listen to people we meet. I have been so thankful the Lord has been teaching me this for the last many years. But this Dear Friend who passed away this week…she truly lived every bit of that life and was and will continue to be an incredible witness and example of serving our Lord so very well!!

So my quick note…well, sorry not so quick now, I wanted to  be sure to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all the kind messages that have so blessed me when I was so saddened. I know my sadness was selfish…I just keep thinking I will see her at Bible many have made this comment. 🙂 But just think…she is with the Word…face to face with her unbelievable sweet smile and incredibly sweet heart.

I so count it a blessing beyond words to have met and experienced this truly Incredible Lady!! And I count each of you equally as such Dear and Sweet Friends. Thank you for lifting us all up during this time in prayer and in message.  I am praying for each of you…daily.

May the Lord truly bless each of you, my Dear Sweet Friends,

k xoxo

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