PLEASE Pray With Me…Missions Throughout The World

Hello Dear Friends,

Having been to China, we have such a heart for the sweet and lovely people of China to know Christ. I have never witnessed such politeness in all my life. Even growing up in the South…this was truly amazing!!

 I think this picture is absolutely precious!! These Dear Sweet Ones bring such joy to my heart! And in retrospect there is great sadness too for all those who have yet to truly hear the “real” Good News…gospel message of Jesus Christ.

We were told in China, “all” religions are allowed. And yet we found churches closed with weeds growing out the cracks of the building. You be the judge…

So please let us stand together and pray for this wonderful ministry reaching Dear Ones for Christ. For all to have the freedom to worship Jesus Christ as Savior.

Thank you ahead for standing in prayer together with us,

k xoxo

Matthew 28:19

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit,
Missions – Minded in China 

This group of Miao tribal believers was so eager to attend a missions society conference that they walked two hours each way across rocky, mountainous terrain. Held in a government-registered church in the Yunnan Province, the conference celebrated the work of native missionaries who are carrying the gospel to ethnic minority groups like the Miao. Christian Aid supports a Bible school that has five campuses in the province and trains students representing over 10 different minorities to become missionaries and church leaders. Some of the graduates have formed mission boards and mission-sending agencies, and they have set up missionary training centers to expand the outreach to minority peoples living in southwestern China.

Picture and article credit:

Christian Aid Mission is a non-profit organization that supports more than 800 ministries with over 80,000 indigenous or native missionaries that reach more than 3,000 people groups worldwide. Our focus is on reaching the unreached – areas in the world where there are few Christians, Christians suffer because of poverty or persecution or American missionaries are not allowed. Christian Aid Mission is a 60-year-old agency and one of the first organizations to support native missionaries overseas.


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