Riddle For the Day…Answer

Aha moment

Hello Dear Friends,

I pray you enjoyed this fun riddle!!

I asked my family the riddle last night. In this home full of “beautiful brains” as my Grandmother would lovingly say of my Sweet Family…they all missed the answer after a few minutes of collective contemplation.

When I told them the answer…they all roared with laughter!! So much fun for all!!

And it is good to be humble!! 🙂

I pray you all were blessed and had a good giggle as well!! 

k xoxo


How many of each animal did Moses bring on his arc?

(CLUE: Don’t think to hard on this one!! ;) )



Moses did not have an arc, Noah did.

Pro 17:22 A joyful heart is good medicine, But a broken spirit dries up the bones.






2 thoughts on “Riddle For the Day…Answer

    • k at Healthy Living 4 Him says:

      You are most welcome my Dear Friend!!!

      My Sweet Sister would send these to me when I/we were helping my Dear Dad through a very rough Surgical ICU and home rehab that turned into well…about a month!! She then made a habit to message me with these types of pics!! I LOVE them!! They genuinely brighten my day!! After another scary hospital emergency this past Friday…I am really enjoying these I found tonight. 🙂

      My Sweet Sister is truly the inspiration for the Monday’s posts…I am just having to be early these days, posting the night before.

      PTL these pics seem to really be an encouragement to so many lovely Dear Friends!! I love pulling all together Sunday night. 🙂

      Thanks so very much for stopping by!! Loving your changes!! Keep serving Him well! You are such an encouragement!! 🙂
      k xoxo

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