Lessons Learned In Yesterday’s Stormy Day…

dark clouds with light streaming down

Hello Dear Friends,

Today is a lovely day!! The air even smells wonderful!!

I awoke yesterday to an emergency call from a Dear Family member. They were loading into an ambulance and on their way to the hospital. I brushed my teeth, threw on a sweater (hospitals are ALWAYS cold!!!) and grabbed my purse after quick instructions to my children.  I jumped into my car calling the other family members to give notice while driving to the ER in the next town over. PTL, I arrived in good time and at least had matching shoes on…after that it I was soooo thankful to have made it. 🙂

I walked into the ER to find the family member in distress and the other family member quiet in the corner of the room. PTL, I was home yesterday and could be there. (I am the only close in proximity relative.) The Lord allowed me to remember all medical history  (5 hours standing in my corner of the ER room) and the Lord allowed me to remember a few hours into investigating solutions a pertinent historical medical issue that led to the procedure to care for my Sweet Family. The Lord heals!!

So finally after a quick outpatient procedure and late last night a hospital room opened up…there was peace. Peace of the Lord’s answers, healing, provision and grace. Yes…grace-unmerited favor!! I could sense and feel God’s wonderful grace!! What a blessing beyond all words!!!

As some of you know, I have been in terrible back and knee pain…so standing 5 hours without being able to move or walk…God’s grace!! In my hurried and rushed state, getting to the hospital safely and quickly….God’s grace!! Being home yesterday to be available…God’s grace!! To remember the medical history that could even begin to lead to a solution….God’s grace!!! To see a room finally open up for the overnight stay (hospital was filled beyond capacity)…God’s grace!!! To reach all family members immediately….God’s grace!! To have help from my Sweet Sister who is soooo busy as well….God’s grace!! To reach my Sweet Husband and for his wonderful help…God’s Grace!!! To have all our Sweet children to be home and help with all my sporadic requests…God’s grace!! To see the peace of relieved healing….God’s miraculous grace!!!

So my many apologies for running a bit behind. I will catch all up today on the blog…Lord willing. 🙂 I just wanted to share even in the worst moments…life threatening moments, our God reigns and He is the ultimate Provider…Jehovah Jireh!! Amen!!

Thank you Lord Jesus for all your grace, mercy and provision!! Amazingly again and again!! Amen!!!

I am so humbled as I write through blurry eyes of His unfailing love!! OK…I am gushing…God is GREAT!!!

So as the clouds are beautifully clear and the air smells wonderful (I always notice how much the house smells so good after being in a hospital!!), I am so thankful for soooo many good lessons learned yesterday. God had a purpose in that day…for all of us involved.

Be of good cheer my Dear Friends and always know without a shadow of doubt…our God reigns!

Have a wonderful day of God’s mercy, grace and provision in your life today!!

k xoxo

sky pic 1

Picture credit: Pictures.com


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