Good Morning Dear Sweet Friends,

tea and roses

Good morning Dear Sweet Friends,

We made it!!! PTL!!!

Literally, we have been driving for two days. The Lord is sooooo amazing!! We went through a ZERO visibility storm with a semi truck right in front of us. We instantly knew we were in trouble. It was a major storm!! When the skies cleared…even slightly, we could see on the other side of the highway a major wreck. It came so fast and furiously there was nothing to do. You couldn’t even pull over to the side of the road.

 I had asked the Lord to put His angels around us in our journey…and He did!!

Our Lord is an AWESOME God!!

He knew before we left what was ahead of us. I am awe inspired of His protection and literal guidance. We instantly praised the Lord for his protection!

I was amazed we didn’t see anymore wrecks than we did. Both sides of the highway were packed with travelers and we all were at highway speed. Again…the Lord is truly amazing!!

Now, my Dear Sweet Friends…THANK YOU for praying!! I am so humbled by such sweet support. The Lord is amazing and provides all we need…even when we don’t know we need it!!

So as I finish my coffee and have to run my Sweet Husband to work, I am excited to see all the Lord does in each of our lives. I love reading all of your blogs , comments and messages. Thank you so much for sharing and encouraging!! I am so thankful for all He does in all our lives.

Please serve Him well today!!

I will come back later tonight and resume my regular posting schedule. Please forgive my tardiness today…but after arriving later than planned last night there was much to do. We went grocery shopping and then a lovely dinner cooked followed by sweet family time. Honestly, I was too exhausted last night. Forgive me!!

You all are in my prayers Dear Friends.

And know this day our God loves each of you and has a lovely plan for your life!!

Let us all serve Him well this day!!

k xoxo

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