Frugal Fridays…Shopping Discounts


Hello Dear Friends,

I wanted to share today some thoughts on shopping savings.

I LOVE using  coupons!!

For years I would use the occasional coupon but nothing hard core. I honestly just stuck with the store brands…I am old enough to remember all the “generic” black and white brands. 🙂 I was generic shopper all through college. 🙂 Now I look for savings in a different way. I love using all the discounts. I kind of see it all as a game. 🙂 Though I still am not a hard core couponer. I do have allot of admiration for those who can do this. 🙂

I do work to find discounts, sales, store cards and I LOVE bounce back coupons! You know the kind where you go to your favorite store and they give you a coupon for just shopping there. 🙂 I love shopping where I know the girls and they “give” you their special coupon discount! 😉 They also graciously sign you up for coupons in the mail. And they give you the inside scoop as to when the “big” sale is coming on your favorite buys….etc. Seriously, there are stores just like this!!

I went yesterday to run my quick errands with list and coupons in hand. I was blessed in two stores by sweet store workers who gave me additional discounts plus the coupons I came in with!! YIKES!!!  LOVE these types of shopping trips!! 😉

I have restocked the house for Fall Winter with all the fun candles, hand soups and scents. LOVE IT!!! (No worries, we cannot have strong smells due to the birds. 🙂 So I do this with the healthier versions. 🙂 Or limit the “frangrance” ones. ) I also, picked up some lovely new nail polishes at Ulta and lots and lots of FUN Christmas presents!! I am literally typing with three different colors on my nails to show my Sweet Hubby. He all of the sudden LOVES to put his vote in!! HOW CUTE IS HE!!!! 😉

OK yes, I am also the person who has all purchased by October for Christmas each year. Then I get to focus on Christ, my family/friends, sharing with others and then creating a lovely spirit of focusing on Christ!! So three days ago, I repacked all my gift boxes and I will begin my list of items to be sure I have already put up for my sweet family and friends. I LOVE to give special somethings to those I love!! Such fun to shower those I love with lovely gifts to encourage and bless!!

Now all that said…I really am not a shopper anymore. So when I have to run my errands, I make sure to keep all in mind…while I use my coupons!!

So coupons are a tool. A tool that helps us to find great quality and beautiful items I would usually not be able to pay for due to price to share with others. And a tool that helps our pocket books as well!! 😉

So I challenge you if you do not use coupons or store cards. Start with one card or coupon.

Really use it and see how easy it is and what a blessing to save a little money as well.

After a while,…a little adds up to allot!! 😉

Again, I try to make it a game. And in time, I pray to truly master the skills in this area. 🙂

PTL for all His wisdom and for being patient while I work on good stewardship. I keep working at doing a better job in this area for my family!! Praise God He is patient as well as my Sweet Husband!! The Lord is good!!

May I serve Him well and may you all…that is my prayer this evening,

k xoxo


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