Coffee Talk…Yesterday’s Praises and Insights

tea and roses

Good morning Dear Friends,

I am writing this morning over my morning coffee. Thanking and praising the Lord for all He has done and is doing!! I thought I would change my Tuesday line up to add Tuesday Coffee Talk. (Oh, for you tea lovers…come Winter, I usually switch to hot tea!! 😉 So please don’t feel left out. In the Summer, I am a good Southern girl and drink cold!! 😉  )

I pray each of you has had a good couple of days!! Ours was filled with anticipation of first day of class and if we had met all the homework expectations. (We homeschool but now attend a 1 day a week Christian homeschool program. It is a Classical approach to schooling and quite strenuous regime… at least until we master the habits needed to do well. We have always used a classical model but this is a wonderful opportunity to grow and learn…even for the teacher!! 😉 )Many prayers were answered, such a fine day of encouragement and learning took place. PTL!! Thank you so much to all those who were praying for our family!! I genuinely felt your prayers and encouragements!! The Lord is so good to bring such sweet and kind people into our lives to encourage us in His ways and directions…even if we are feeling a bit stretched at the time. Great joy in the journey and again…I thank each of you with heart of praise for all the Lord accomplished yesterday in our family!! 🙂

Celebrations shared for one of our Sweeties special day yesterday. She decided she wanted to share with her new friends in class and it was a true delight. Her Daddy picked up pizza and we brought fun cupcakes. I had also purchased our Sweetie’s favorite decorated plates and napkins. She’s so precious to notice in the small details…PTL for paying attention and finding her favorites!! Fun for all!! And our Lovely Teacher allowed my Sweet Husband to pray for the lunch and over our daughter. I will remember this sweet day for a long long time. 🙂  Absolutely delightful students, such a kind teacher and parents!! I was so humbled by their welcoming and encouraging words. God is so good to give our Sweetie such a lovely celebration!!

Our sweet youngest had a great time in class and her quiet comic timing is truly priceless!! She is so amazing and thoughtful…it is so good to hear her share!! The Lord always has a plan for our children, and if we dedicate, serve, trust and believe in Him…He will guide their ways. They are His children and we are blessed to be apart of their lives.  To care for them, love them, train them and do our best. My sweet husband and I chose to raise our children differently from what we knew. It has been a blessing. Just to be clear…we have never been perfect and have made many many mistakes. We are and have been truly humbled through out the years as we are still learning. We have loved our children beyond words and we have counted it a privileged to know these fine individuals. It hasn’t always been easy, but it is what we were “called” to do. There have been some sacrifices but those were negligible. The eternal perspective was and is all we were and are concerned with for our children. The Lord has a plan for each of their lives. It was our job to prepare and love them to His will. This is true of all Christian parents. It is one of the Lord’s greatest calls on our lives. 🙂

There is a great quote I love from Elisabeth Elliot. I pray you are blessed by this today.

“But too many women don’t see motherhood as a vocation. The word “vocation” comes from the Latin word for voice. It means a call. I do believe with all my heart that there is no higher and no holier calling than motherhood.”

May we all seek His will in our lives and our children’s lives. May we serve Him to our best ability. And may we always keep that eternal perspective…even on the roughest of days. No matter what Dear Friends, please always hold onto this one important fact…our God reigns. He reigns in this world and in our individual lives. PTL!! So for all our many mistakes in raising our children, He is God. He is full of grace and mercy. He will redeem our mistakes and hopefully our children will learn from all of those we have made.

Please forgive the personal indulgence in this writing. I pray you are encouraged this day. If you are in the wonderful “Grand”parent role, what a blessing to serve and encourage!! I hope to be there…one day. 🙂 And look forward to the opportunity to serve in that role as well!! Though you may read this and think I have been there, this is not for me…

You are the example to those still “in the trenches”. 🙂 And you are truly looked to for encouragement, blessings and many times just help or extra hands. 🙂 I love that my parents were always there, never telling us what we did wrong (and there were many opportunities to do that!! ) but they were there always with a listening ear and helping hands…when asked. They have loved our children and prayed for them. If that was all they did….what a blessing!! But we were always given and provided so many blessings and memories. My Sweet Husband has always said he had the “good deal” in the “in laws”. 🙂 So sweet!! My Husband and I have learned allot of “what to do” as Grandparents and In Laws and when not to do it. One of the great lessons from my parents was when to be quiet and not interfere. WOW…what an example!! Of course like all of us, mistakes did happen but the intent of the heart was clear…genuine love and true encouragement to be the best God created us to be. That is and has been a blessing beyond all words…their actions showed us love.

And that is what I focus on even with our children. I pray we all have Godly intentions in serving those we love well.

Again, all praises to the Lord for all He is doing!! I am humbled by His grace, mercy and love for my Dear Family and myself. I am so thankful for His never leaving or forsaking us as Hebrews tell us.


Even when I do not deserve a moments thought…He is there! What an amazing God we serve!!

Have a wonderful day in the Lord…and may we all seek to know Him and serve Him well this day,

k xoxo

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