Prayer Request This Week…

women chatting over tea

Hello Dear Friends,

I so apologize for being absent a bit this weekend. I will be back online Tuesday.

Tomorrow is first day back to school ‘officially’ though we have spent this last week with our nose in the books!! 😉

Please keep us in your prayers as there is so much to complete. Thank you Dear Friends. We have homeschooled over 20 years and this is our first crash start. So it is good material, the waters are deep and we have “dived in” to our best ability!! God is so good!! I found myself thanking Him tonight for the challenge of this year. 🙂

I am praying for each of you. I thank the Lord for such gracious and kind readers who so encourage me each day!! May we all serve the Lord well this week!

Have a wonderful evening in the Lord,

k xoxo

Picture credit: (I think? It’s been in my folder for a while…sorry!! I love this picture of sitting with a friend and sharing each other’s prayer request…and then taking the time to pray together!! I just wish I looked this pulled together…ever! 😉 )


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