Quinoa Soft Tacos…

Quinoa Soft Tacos A Quinoa Soft Tacos

Quinoa Soft Tacos

Adapted from Spicy Quinoa with Kidney Beans, Corn & Lime

Yield – 4 servings or 2 tacos each

Preparation Time – 5 minutes

Cooking Time – 20 minutes


  • 1 cup white or red quinoa ($.75)
  • 1 Tbsp store bought or homemade taco seasoning ($.05)
  • 1 15 oz. can black beans, drained and rinsed ($.59)
  • 1 15 oz. can corn, drained ($.75)
  • 1 15 oz. can tomatoes, drained ($.50)
  • 1 large or 2 small avocados, sliced ($1)
  • Small bunch cilantro, chopped ($.10)
  • 8 Flour Tortillas ($1)


  • Cook the quinoa with water (or chicken broth if you want more flavor), as directed on the package. Add the taco seasoning while it’s cooking. Once cooked, stir in the black beans, corn, tomatoes and combine together.
  • Spoon the quinoa mixture into the tortillas and top with avocado slices and chopped cilantro.
  • Serve Quinoa Soft Tacos.

Cost $4.74

Recipe credit: 5dollardinners.com

Hello Dear Friends,

I LOVE this gal’s recipes!!


k xoxo

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