Lessons From My Savior…Joy in the Morning (Thursday’s Thoughts)

vintage eggs for sale picture

guinea hen flock

Good morning Dear Friends,

I love these pictures. They bring me joy…just as I awoke this morning and stood before my kitchen window.

As I have said in one of my previous posts, this has been a bit of a rocky homecoming after being away. A dear family friend passed away last weekend and we are preparing to drive down to her funeral this weekend. And one of my very best friends is coming near to her time of going to be with the Lord. We have spent days planning travel and getting things done in case we need to leave earlier than later. Β 

It is also back to school. And as we have homeschooled all our children all these years, our last sweetie we are putting in a 1 day program for homeschoolers. And as I look at the curriculum, all seems fine…but the Latin seems to be ringing my bells. I am concerned though my youngest seems to be taking all in stride. πŸ™‚ PTL!!!Β 

So after hours of searching Ross for our youngest to have a few nice and appropriate dresses, skirts and blouses for her new experience awaiting and then a run to the office supply store with coupons in hand, I came home absolutely exhausted. Not only the heat of our tough Southern days, the warrior exhausted from the battle of shopping and the added fatigue in all the planning of these important friendships to attend to.

Oh and on the way home, a man backed into my car!! I just immediately thought..great, we just got it out of the shop!! He hit it so hard, the tail of my car fish tailed slightly. I parked, took a deep breath, checked on the gentleman to make sure he was ok, then went to the side of the car to see the damage. THERE WAS NOTHING!!! The only sign was a dirt stained mark about 2 feet long. The man instantly rubbed the dirt and we both stood with our mouths hanging open!! We immediately went to look at his car. A red stain from my car left a mark on his tan bumper. I said out loud….that was God’s grace. He kept us from being hurt and our cars from damage. Again, it was God’s grace. The older gentleman stood there just staring at me. I extended my hand, told him my name and again reassured him I was well and God shed His grace on us that afternoon. He just kept a wide eyed stare and shook my hand. I wished him well and literally walked into the store to share the grace of the Lord with the two shop girls. Our God is truly amazing!! Even when it comes to simple things He protects us and cares for us.

Back to yesterday’s work, most all but one dress worked for our sweet daughter. She was giddy with all the school supplies and clothes. (Ok..I am such an old school teacher, back to school shopping and school/office supplies float my boat!! πŸ˜‰ ) We solidified the weekend arrangements for the funeral trip. And finally, I heard back from my sweet friend who accepted my request to come visit and fellowship!! The Lord is soooo good!! Though I was so exhausted, I couldn’t sleep until late into the wee hours of the morning and when I awoke I was still feeling the aftermath of the first of the week.

Now all this long and drawn out description to share what the Lord reminded me of this morning: I stood this morning first thing munching on a cookie my youngest baked yesterday while I was out (yes, I know…cookies first thing in the morning?! Why when I am tired or worn do I grab what I know isn’t good for me!?! Comfort food I imagine. Just fyi…so I don’t get lots of sweet encouragements, I did catch myself and eat my Mediterranean yogurt with my bran buds and fruit…I eventually was a good girl. πŸ™‚ ) While standing there…low and behold our flock of guinea hens came walking by my kitchen window. Not a care in the world, busy chattering among themselves.

FYI: I LOVE my guineas. They are beautiful and ugly all in one. Β They are fierce and skiddish. They are graceful and funny as well!! They are my favorites of all our animals. Have been from the beginning and probably will always be….”my guineas” as we call them. πŸ™‚ And my sweet husband always makes sure we always have them…just for me! So SWEET!!! πŸ˜‰

OK back to this morning’s thoughts: I stood there drinking my coffee thinking, funny…when we are tired, sad, stressed, etc…the world keeps going. The guineas keep walking and babbling, the roosters keep crowing, the hens keep laying, the ducks keep waddling, and the geese keep honking and ordering every other barnyard animal…except my guineas. πŸ™‚

Silly thought I am sure…but it brought me peace and joy to my weary heart to see such sweet simplicity. I stood there and realized…it WAS my joy!! My pure delight in my Creator’s creation. That unbelievable assurance that the world goes on even when mine is a bit scattered. There is great peace in knowing our Lord has all things in order and under control….His control. What a joyful blessing!!

Sorry a bit scattered today (and yesterday)…but I wanted to share the Joy that fills my soul and gives me great strength when I am weak and tired.

Our God is a great God!!

Keep serving Him well Dear Friends, He loves you so….

k xoxo


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