Hello Dear Friends…

dark clouds with light streaming down

Hello Dear Friends,

We are back home now.  It is always fun to go away and get a break from the day to day.  We were blessed by my sister and brother in law to stay in their beautiful home while they were away at a baseball camp out of state for our nephews. They have a lovely home, swimming pool and we were the fun puppy sitters to two sweet dachshunds. They were so cute…when we were leaving, one was very upset. She was smart to know the difference of just leaving to go out and about, to packing to leave. So sweet!!! 🙂

We had fun at a state homeschool conference. We were blessed to hear Ken Ham and others… though we really mainly went to all the Ken Ham conferences. Excellent things to hear and learn. We came home with much more to study and learn as well. Isn’t the Lord good to keep us desiring to know more of Him!! What a great God we serve!! So all was a wonderful blessing.

We also saw old friends and faithful servants to our Lord and state homeschool community. We are so thankful for all that has been done in protecting the rights of those who have had struggles and our future freedoms. We also heard from some of our state politicians who are standing firm for the Lord!! Amen!!!

We even had fun going a little early and staying a little later to rest, go to a big mall (ok, we are small town people now…so it is always interesting to see how the ‘big city’ people live…it’s been a while. ) And this was a huge mall!!! It has two Macy’s….are you kidding me?! I definitely got my walk on and though I struggle with some pain…I was thankful to keep up!! God is so good!! As well as at the conference!! 🙂

As the organizer/packer, I am the person who coordinates going, being and coming home on all trips. So though we are in the clean up…reorganizing stage aftermath…it is good to be home. And it will be good to get all back in order.

Now if I can just get Squeakems settled down. He is very very loud today. Not sure why but he definitely doesn’t like it when we travel. Though our oldest daughter was here to take care of him. He is a one person parrot and not easy on all the others. And today, he is letting me know he is some upset with me.

Now…my focus right now before I post or answer emails/messages, I received two pieces of heartbreaking news yesterday before we drove home and this morning.

Yesterday, my Dad called and let me know a dear family friend passed away. I was shocked. She had struggled with cancer and died in her daughter’s arms Friday night. Please pray for her daughter, “C” as she is an only child. Her Dad passed away years ago so she is doing all with the help of her husband and children. She and her Mom were incredibly close and the loss will be difficult. Thank you for praying with me. My heart is so sad to loose this dear always smiling breath of fresh air woman who has been so dear to our family.

Then this morning I received and email from one of my very best friends who lives out of state. We have known each other many years now and she is an incredibly dear friend of my family as well as me. She has prayed for and loved all of us from day one. She is a mighty Titus Two woman who has served the Lord well. She has been ill with diabetes and strokes since I have known her. And in the last year or so she has endured endless treatments of dialysis and other difficult issues. She is now in the final stages of renal failure and ready to go home to the Father.

My heart aches at the thought of going through this world without my friend, but I know my selfishness is not enough to want her here in the endless pain and truly difficult discomfort she has been through. She needs our prayers and I beg you to pray for Sister “B” and her family. This is and will begin a very difficult time for all. Pray for her pain to be eased, for her to be comfortable and for those that do not know Christ as Savior to know Him through the testimony of her life.

She is a remarkable woman who came to Christ against all odds later in life. She loves the Lord passionately and has been about His business from day one that I knew her. She has been the “watchman on the wall” as scripture describes. She has caused me to rethink so much of what I “thought” in light of what is in the scripture. She has loved me when I wasn’t very lovable and she has been a walking testimony of God’s strength and grace through much illness. She is a remarkable woman and a woman I am blessed to call my best friend.

Thank you so much for praying with me. I have spent the morning just crying and ripped up at all the loss and all the things to come. Again I find comfort in the Savior. He has a plan and He has a will….it is all His. And He will help each one through these trying times. He is the GREAT Comforter. And that I am putting all my faith in Him.

Please pray as satan seems to attack in these times and he is attacking our family. Like the picture above…in our darkest time He is the Light to guide us. I am tired and weary but know in my weaknesses He is strong. To God be all the glory in all He has done and is doing.

Thank you Dear Friends…I am praying for each of you. May the Lord bless you, guide you and protect you and yours.

Seek Him in all you do…He loves you so.



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