Thursday’s Thoughts…Honored and Extremely Humbled

Hello Dear Friends, We have come back from traveling to a busy busy season in our family. As a result, I have really been very tired...well exhausted. 🙂 I was sooooo tired Monday morning and the same Tuesday morning. I had to wake up early both days. Tuesday I woke early to help my Sweet … Continue reading Thursday’s Thoughts…Honored and Extremely Humbled


Riddle For The Day…Answer

Hello Dear Friends, I am so sorry to delay in the answer. Been down in my back as I described in my Tozer post. But none the less....heeeeerrrrreeee's the answer!! 🙂 Riddle: There was once three trees. The first tree did whatever the third tree did, and the third tree did what ever the second … Continue reading Riddle For The Day…Answer