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Hello Dear Friends,

I pray you had a lovely weekend!! Our family had a nice getaway of peace and rest. We all need a time of rejuvenation.

We celebrated one of our family members birthday…and one of the gifts was a New Living Translation DVD. It was wonderful!! We were able to read along and listen as well. And with it being the New Living Translation, it was easier to understand, We had a wonderful time discussing Hebrews!! What a joy and what refreshing rejuvenation we each received when studying the Word of God!! 🙂

I found this lovely tool at Half Price Books!! It was brand new and sooo affordable! We decided, of all the gifts this may have been a favorite!! 🙂 What a joy!!

I pray each of you have a lovely evening and are refreshed by the studying of God’s Word today,


The Church: The Perfect Church

Now we exhort you, brethren, warn those who are unruly, comfort the fainthearted, uphold the weak, be patient with all.—1 Thessalonians 5:14

Our lofty idealism would argue that all Christians should be perfect, but a blunt realism forces us to admit that perfection is rare even among the saints. The part of wisdom is to accept our Christian brothers and sisters for what they are rather than for what they should be….

There is much that is imperfect about us, and it is fitting that we recognize it and call upon God for charity to put up with one another. The perfect church is not on this earth. The most spiritual church is sure to have in it some who are still bothered by the flesh.

An old Italian proverb says, “He that will have none but a perfect brother must resign himself to remain brotherless.” However earnestly we may desire that our Christian brother go on toward perfection, we must accept him as he is and learn to get along with him. To treat an imperfect brother impatiently is to advertise our own imperfections. We Travel an Appointed Way, 55.

“Lord, You know my tendency toward frustration with the imperfect people. Give me patience and grace today in dealing with others’ imperfections. And give them the same grace in dealing with mine! Amen.”

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