Frugal Fridays…

Good morning Dear Friends,

I pray each of you are having a lovely morning in the Lord.

I am sitting here drinking my lovely coffee and thought I would share with you a less expensive healthy alternative. 🙂



OK, first off I LOVE my big beautiful mug from my sweet Hubby for my morning coffee!! 🙂

Less trips and helps me to get more finished before I run in for a refill. 🙂


Here are the wonderful components of my morning brew.

I LOVE the Mocha Swirl Folgers. Now I have been a coffee snob through the years having grown up with our neighbors owning a gourmet coffee shop!! 🙂

I prefer to only drink organic…but I just haven’t found any good organic chocolate in my area. But hopefully soon! I also love a good Hazelnut coffee as well.

And when I feel decadent, I LOVE Snickerdoodle coffee from a gourmet coffee shop I have to drive to around 45 minutes away!! It’s a bit pricey, so I limit this to 1 bag per year. 🙂

I start with good filtered water in my handy dandy small coffee maker. FYI, I am the only coffee drinker in our home.

Scoop in the flavored coffee of the day!! 😉

I also add 1 scoop of the Sam’s Choice Organic Arabica Medium Roast coffee to the flavored coffee to help stretch the flavored coffee and mellow it out a bit.

And finally I warm up a little unsweetened Chocolate Almond milk. I occasionally drink unsweetened plain coconut milk too in my coffee.

Now I also LOVE the dark chocolate almond milk but this was on sale last week at Whole Foods.

This is much better than a famous coffee shop…remaining nameless’s Mocha Latte!!

You can even add a little fresh whipping cream…but I skip this to step to save a few calories/fat and I like the milk-less calcium alternative.

I am not dairy free but I try not to overdue.


When finished I save all clipped tight coffees in a freezer ziplock bag in my freezer. This helps to keep all coffee fresh!! 😉

Benefits of this yummy start to my day:

I can stay in my jammies, save loads of money, have a wonderful healthy alternative and drink my tasty coffee while I read and write each morning!!

And honestly, YUMMY morning wake up!!! 😉

Now…come the cold weather months I love hot teas.

Hmmm, maybe I will share these this Winter. 🙂

Have a great day in the Lord and please share your favorite morning beverage,

k xoxo


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