Weekend Organizational Projects…

checked off to do lists on clipboard

Hello Dear Friends,

I am soooo excited!! I have been slowly whittling away some of my “to do’s” for our home organization. I finished organizing my dressing table…even more!! I further added more specific organizational drawers….and their great!! LOVE IT!!! 🙂 (You can go back under the “Organization” tab and see the initial redo.)

Tomorrow after church, if the fellas work in the pastures…I will finish my spice drawer!! 😉 Lord willing!! (I will post pictures when completed.) 

A good tip: I plan my weekly tasks/calendar to do list on Saturday or Sunday. Then I am able to set up the children’s to do/chore list for the week as well. And during the year, I plan all school assignments by Sunday afternoon. That way, if I have anything else to get ready…I have the evening to prepare. 🙂

On this Monday as I await the service repair man, I will work in my office and after I finish my “work” list, I will then refocus my efforts in finishing up all the renovations in the office!! I think I am getting to the point of possibly finishing!! Woo Hoo!! I just keep re-tweaking the initial plan. 🙂 But that’s ok, it keeps me humble and hopefully this is the best use of my resources. 

I did get all my filing finished last week and cleaned all out!! PTL!! I did take some back to the “old/new” system…but that was ok. It is good to try new things and tweak what works best for us individually! Love it…God did not make us into robots, we all have individual needs, gifts and talents! So why wouldn’t our filing needs need to be individualized!! 🙂

Finally, I will be cleaning out all kitchen drawers, defrost the deep freeze and clear off our refrigerator top this week…Lord willing. 🙂 My sweet youngest did an initial cleaning of the drawers last week (so as an encouragement…enlist help!! 🙂 )and I will go in now to do a good clear out!! I will love sharing with the children’s hope chests, Goodwill and then toss all items not in good repair (after checking for any other potential uses from cleared out items). LOVE it!! 🙂

After that…I can always add to the list. But just to finish all of this well be a lovely blessing!! 😉

So….more importantly, what are you working on in your home organization?

Please share in the comments…you all encourage me so much in all you do!! Thank you all!!!

Have a wonderful week in the Lord,

k xoxo

Picture credit: Pictures.com

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