Tuesday’s Tips…Potato and Onions Makeover With Kale, Sausage


Hello Dear Friends,

Have you ever made something to eat and then thought…what can I do with the leftovers?

Tuesday’s tips….is all about an easy peasy meal makeover!! I pray you are blessed!!

Yummy, healthy and cost effective!! Woo Hoo!!!

For breakfast this week, we LOVE organic potatoes and onions!!

Once through the meal…I realized we had enough for another meal!! WOW!! Talk about the loaves and the fishes!! πŸ˜‰ We had another dinner and lunch from this creation!! Amazing!!

I also had some yummy kale, smoked sausage, portobello mushrooms. All sounded soooo yummy…but was it save the potatoes/onions and make the other tried and true meal?

NO! πŸ˜‰

I decided to add some lovely coconut oil to a pan. Once all was heated I then added my pennied smoked link sausage. Wow…did this smell wonderful!! πŸ™‚

Then once good and browned…I turned down the heat to a simmer and added my mushrooms to tender-soft.

Then I poured all into the dutch oven of reheated onions and potatoes. Stir.

Then lastly, I added some chopped kale, added all to the pan and slowly cooked until wilted.

Salt and pepper to taste and then ready to serve.

(You can also add some additional water or broth and make a soup at this point.)

I topped all with Parmesan cheese for the dairy eaters and casein free Parmesan for the non dairy ones.


Another incredibly tasty, hearty, healthy and now extremely affordable meal/s!!! YEA!!! πŸ™‚

It was a feast…so much my children made sure they were first in line for lunch leftovers!! Talk about that organizing bug catching on too!! πŸ˜‰ They were planning ahead!! LOVE IT!!!

I pray you enjoy your dinner this evening…and your leftovers will become lovely new meals for your family,

k xoxo


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